Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WIAW: Sticking to a Plan

Happy Wednesday & 4th of July! I hope everyone is enjoying the day and eating some yummy food!
But this isn't a post about 4th of July (yet) so onto the What I Ate Wednesday party with Jenn
I like this new challenge for July and it came at a good time when I'm trying to get myself back to the gym.
And for once I stuck to my meal plan the whole day through, whoo!

Breakfast & Morning Snack: Vanilla Greek yogurt w/ blueberries & granola~~Life cereal with low-fat milk~~a perfectly ripe peach

Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Pre-workout Snack & Dinner:
Spinach & mixed green salad with cranberries, toasted pecans, bleu cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette~~Parmesan & garlic pita chips~~Pure cherry cashew bar, healthy mac & cheese 

Work it Out!
I wrote about my recent workout on Monday so I won't bore you with a retelling of that. Instead I want to talk about my fitness goals which I don't think I've ever written about. I used to be a cheerleader back in high school and was incredibly fit. Back when I was a sophomore I had this crazy coach who used to make us run a mile every practice which sucked back then. Running a mile for me was this horrible punishment, but eventually I was running two miles without breaking a sweat. My fastest mile ever was like 7 something and I was pretty damn proud of it. I was the most fit I've ever been during that year and I miss it. I'm not saying I'm incredibly out of shape now, but I could do a lot better. I want to be stronger and tone up more. I want to be proud of my body when I see it in a mirror.
  I really want to be able to do that and feel proud about all the hard work I've put into my body. My only problem is hauling my lazy ass to the gym to achieve it. I'm slowly getting myself there more often, but at least it's better than sitting on the couch!


  1. I wanted to be a cheerleader when I was younger, but my mom had a serious aversion since she isn't American and only knew about the cheerleaders in movies! :P

    1. That's what people in America STILL think of cheerleaders sometimes!

  2. mmm homemade mac and cheese. I haven't had that for years! My Dad makes it sometimes but I'm always too scared to try some. Working on it.
    and heck, a 7 minute mile is nothing to scoff at. I'm not sure I could do that!

    1. If I could run a 7 minute mile again I'd be excited. Heck right now I'd be content with making it through a mile without wanting to die!

  3. A perfectly ripe peach.... how... perfect :)

    Great job with following your plan! I am terrible when it comes to my last snack of the day!