Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"It's An Adventure!"

Cody and I went hiking the other day and I convinced him to try this park that I'm absolutely in love with. It's a big forest with a big creek that runs through it. He was up for it so I packed us a yummy lunch of turkey and avocado sandwiches and broccoli slaw (recipe coming soon) and laced up my hiking shoes. We planned out our hike on the park trail map and got lost many many times, but it was gorgeous nonetheless.
Just starting out on the trail before we got lost
It was so gorgeous I didn't mind getting lost. Just being in the forest was beautiful. And everytime I'd mention us being lost Cody would throw out "it's an adventure!" and keep walking on. This man makes me smile.
Eventually we took a break to much on the broccoli slaw I made, but unfortunately it didn't have as much of a kick as Cody and I would have liked, so we didn't end up eating more than a couple bites before we packed up again and kept getting lost hiking.
We found this random stacked rocks in the creek
Eventually we found our way out of the forest, but ended up in a neighborhood. I pulled out my handy iPhone which hadn't been any help the entire time and located where the hell we were. I found us a route back around the forest onto the road we originally came in on, which ended up leading up through some random driveways, but Cody and I kept reminding each other it was an adventure whenever the other expressed doubt of finding civilization again (kidding....sort of). When we finally got down this mammoth driveway onto the road we needed we parked ourselves on the side of the road to eat inhale the sandwiches I made for us. We made it back to our car after an extremely long walk with sore legs and tired feet.
 Despite how pained my legs were I enjoyed every second of being lost with Cody. I guess it's who you're with that can make getting extremely lost into a very long adventure.
After our long trip we relaxed until I went off to cheer practice. Obviously we were going crazy from exhaustion.
At cheer practice I got to fly again and all the girls wanted pictures of me up in the air so I actually got a picture of me stunting with my awesome cheerleaders.
Ignore my jeans and not so happy face, I wasn't expecting to haul my butt into the air after the day I had.
After cheer practice Cody and I went to Betty's Burgers after talking about how yummy that sounded on our hike. I got an unpictured veggie burger with bacon and cheese and we split a Cubano milkshake. This milkshake was the shit, excuse my language.
Rum, thin mint ice cream, and creme de menthe. Holy crap it was delicious!

Cody and I have both agreed to take a break from hiking and do some not so strenuous activities on our day off.

Any fun hiking/adventure stories? 

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