Sunday, July 8, 2012

MIMM: Family Visits

It's Monday....whoo? I'm not exactly excited because Monday equals work and work equals an unhappy Brittany. But since it is Monday I can enjoy Marvelous in My Monday

This weekend Cody's aunt came in from Texas so we had a fun weekend visiting her and I got to meet her finally. We had dinner Friday night at the Seabright Brewery and I forgot to get a picture of my dinner. I got a veggie burger with cheddar and avocado and it was freaking delicious. I promised myself I wouldn't eat out much, but I couldn't say no to eating out with a family visit. After dinner we went back to her hotel and relaxed in the hot tub and then Cody and I went home to pass out to go out Saturday morning for breakfast.

Saturday we met up to go downtown for coffee (tea for me) and breakfast.
Irish Breakfast Tea with soy milk & sugar in the raw
Whole wheat bagel thin with reduced fat strawberry cream cheese from Noah's Bagels

While downtown we saw this guy beatboxing with this instrument (no idea what it's called) while drumming at the same time. It was pretty awesome
After we walked around downtown for a bit we headed to Margaritaville for lunch
Vegetarian enchiladas with ancho chili sauce, pinto beans, and rice
We also enjoyed the view of the beach
It was pretty gorgeous

After we relaxed in the hotel for a bit we headed downtown to see Magic Mike. The plot was horrible, but the dancing was definitely nice :) Cody and I headed home after the movie to sleep and get up extra early for breakfast Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we headed to our favorite breakfast spot to show Cody's aunt some good home cooking. My stomach hadn't been feeling well all weekend so I didn't want to order anything extravagent.
 2 scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast
Fresh fruit & french vanilla tea

After breakfast Cody's aunt headed back on the road and Cody and I went home to nap before he headed to work. I didn't feel like making anything for dinner so I pulled out a serving of mac & cheese from the freezer and heated that up. For dessert I had this tasty "ice cream" that I heard about from Kammie at Sensual Appeal
It's freaking delicious and it's basically a protein shake that's been frozen as an ice cream. I topped my bowl of ice cream with hot fudge cause I just love me some chocolate.

I'm very behind in my 30 day blog challenge so I'll have to do a post to catch up soon.

Anyone try the Arctic Zero frozen dessert yet?


  1. This is my favorite flavor. Strawberry doesn't taste very good.

  2. having family visit is always fun and marvelous! Glad you had a great weekend!

    Oh and I want to try that flavor of arctic ice cream!!!