Friday, March 22, 2013

Fit Fridays #13

Happy Friday everyone!
Oh hey, Friday and it's #13 of Fit Friday! Maybe that explains why I've had a funky week.
Anywho, let's talk about fitness!

1 hour Zumba
Michael has been having some problems coughing while running so we took it easy and walked 1.25 miles along the cliffs.
 It was gorgeous so it wasn't a pain to just walk.

I finally made it to a 6:30 AM yoga class at my gym!
It's been so long and I really loved it.

1 hour of cardio kickboxing. Unlike last week this was so much easier and I wasn't dying 5 minutes in halfway through.

Strength training in class

Morning yoga class at school

I got some bad news in the afternoon so I was going to go for a run to try clear my head, unfortunately that didn't work out so well. I used to be able to run almost 3 miles with no problem, but today I could barely get over a mile before I was hurting and breathing like a maniac. It was really discouraging and I was trying to keep running, but I just kept giving up and I ended my 3.23 mile run/walk disappointed and almost crying.

I wanted to go to the morning yoga class at my gym, but I could not get my eyes to stay open longer than a few seconds to check my phone when Michael would text me. I was just plain exhausted.

Strength training in class

 I didn't do as much since my body was really hurting from my run Tuesday and upper body work on Monday.

Morning yoga class at school which really helped out with how sore my body has been.

Unfortunately I had an anatomy lab exam so I didn't get anything else in in favor of studying.

Have a good weekend and make sure to get moving!

 What have you done this week to get moving?
Has anyone else had a disastrous run and just given up?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WIAW: I Made It!

Hey there What I Ate Wednesday, long time no see!
It's been forever since I've done a WIAW post since I started school
I've been swamped with school work and then last week my stomach decided it wouldn't eat anything but bread and rice and we all know that is a boring thing to read about.
So, somehow I squeezed in taking pictures of my food so here we go!
Thank you Jenn for this awesome link-up!

Old-fashioned oats with brown sugar, cinnamon, and almond milk

  Post-workout Snack:
Protein shake w/ almond milk, PB2 & chocolate protein powder

Strawberries & toasted pita sandwich with spinach, Laughing Cow cheese wedge and red pepper pasta sauce.

A handful of KIND Vanilla Blueberry granola & pita chips
Taco flavored quinoa with black beans, sour cream, cheese, lots of hot sauce (Michael got me hooked), w/ potatoes on the side.
This was amazing, I'll have the recipe up soon!

And because I am me...
Lucky Charms marshmallow square from St. Patty's Day

I thought I had more green in my diet....oops! But hey, at least I added spinach to my toasted sandwich!
Now, excuse me while I pass out facedown on my bed from exhaustion.

Have a good week!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fit Fridays #12

I'm alive! I promise!
Now on to Fit Fridays!

1 hour of Zumba. If there's anything that can get my butt out of the house to the gym after god knows how long too long of a break, it's Zumba. I have so much fun just dancing and laughing with everyone.

I went to a cardio kickboxing class for this first time at my gym!
I've always loved kickboxing and used to do it a lot at home when I was in high school.
This class kicked my ass. We had sections with weights and I couldn't lift my arms to do any of it. I was just so exhausted, but I had a great time! Of course now I'm sore from it and can barely walk, must stretch and replenish afterwards! Lesson learned.

Strength training at school
All upper body was w/ 10# dumbell
2x12 overhead press
2x12 arm curls
2x12 incline chest press
2x12 standing cable rows w/ 50#
2x12 single leg deadlifts w/ 10# dumbell
2x12 squats w/ 8 kg kettlebell
(For some odd reason all our kettlebells are in kilograms...but everything else is pounds. Makes no sense)
2-45 second planks
2-30 second side planks
2x12 "bird-dogs"
2x45 second glute bridges
2x12 crunches
2x12 leg raises (which my teacher terms leg lowers)

Morning yoga class at school.
We practiced headstands today which was exciting. Unfortunately because my sinuses haven't quite gotten over the plague I had, I couldn't hold the prep pose very long without feeling like my face was going to explode.

Later after my anatomy class Michael and I took his dog, Jasmine, out for a walk along the beach.
 She was so happy!
It was really pretty out, but I was really cold from the breeze and my stomach wasn't feeling well so we had to cut the walk short at a mile.

I had my fitness class at school, but my stomach has been cramping like crazy lately that I left after the midterm to rest.
No fitness today :(

Morning yoga sesh at school
and that's about it. I had anatomy lecture and lab which doesn't get me out until about 5:30 so I didn't have time for anything besides homework.

I'm hoping I might be able to fit a run/walk somewhere in between anatomy and nutrition homework and cleaning the house.

I've been down with the flu/plague for the last few weeks so working out was out of the question until I was better. Unfortunately I got some kind of stomach thing on Monday so my workouts slowly dwindled throughout the week. Next week I plan on coming back strong and working out as much as I can.
Have a great (and fit) weekend!

What workouts have you done this week?

Monday, March 11, 2013

One Proud Girlfriend

Let me just preface this by saying I am so so incredibly proud of my boyfriend Michael.

I don't have a weight loss story, but I wanted to shout from the rooftops...brag praise Michael for his amazing story.
When I met Michael back in high school he was overweight and had been up until we started dating.
October 2012
When we first started dating Michael weighed about 260.
I was working out a lot and really inspired Michael to do the same *brushes shoulder* ha!
He really started to watch what he was eating and how much he was eating.
And soon the pounds started to come off
November 2012
December 2012
 January 2013
 March 2013

Currently Michael is down to 210 and plans to get down to 180. He went from a XXL to a Large, almost a medium!

I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of him. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to go to the gym at 5:30 every morning and workout and he does it. He's come up to me and just shows off how much he's done and I get a huge smile on my face because I'm just so proud of him. He's always saying how much I inspire him, but he inspires me too. When I feel like I can't run anymore or don't want to get up to workout, I tell myself that Michael is and you can't be lazy either. He pushes me to be better, whether he believes it or not. He's such an incredible man and I couldn't be prouder to be his girlfriend. *cue "awwwww"*

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

San Fran Color Run

I'll probably kick myself later for spending this time writing on the blog rather than doing anatomy homework, but a girl has to blog!!

This past weekend Michael and I went to San Francisco for our first Color Run. We went up the night before to get our packets and to enjoy San Francisco since it isn't often we get up there.
We went down to Fisherman's Wharf after navigating the roads where some bus was determined to kill us.
I got to see an alligator shaped loaf of bread in a bakery.
We went to dinner at a restaurant on Pier 39 which looked out on the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz. I got to see it all, it was beautiful.
After dinner we walked ourselves down to...
how could I not go?
 Chocolate strawberry
 hot fudge sundae, it's traditional
and hot chocolate.

My throat was killing me at this point so we headed back to our hotel room where I prayed I would feel better for the next day.

Unfortunately I woke up feeling worse than I did the night before. Poor Michael had to hunt down somewhere to get us medicine cause the poor man was sick himself. I'm talking major headache, can't swallow without grimacing, body aches, etc. All I wanted to do was sleep, but we had made the trip so we were going to at least walk the Color Run.
The closest I've been to Candlestick Park and I wasn't even there to see the Niners play.
 Pre-run with our nice white shirts
We started out behind this team, they were pretty entertaining.
We both had a hard time walking when there was a whole lane of people running next to us, but neither one of us could breathe well and didn't want to overdo it.
We had a blast!! I had grabbed a handful of blue chalk and tossed it on Michael's head when we were going through the blue section, unfortunately I got him in the mouth too....whoops.
We plan on doing the next one in May and will hopefully have not caught a horrible bug.

We had planned on playing around San Fran after the run, but I was so miserable we just headed home which thankfully we did. After I showered and got into my pajamas I took my temperature and was at 101.8! I'm still fighting off the flu and it's definitely not been easy when 3/5 of your classes are fitness classes.
Hopefully I'll be better so I can get exercising more!

If you're not sure about what run you want to do for your first one, do the Color Run! It is so much fun! But remember to bring baby wipes to clean the chalk off and some towels for the seat of your car!

Have you ever done The Color Run?

Friday, March 1, 2013


It's only the 3rd week of school and I feel like a zombie.
I mean I literally shuffled out of my room one morning and mumbled "braaaaaaaiiiiins" at my parents.
They were very confused needless to say.

Anywho, this semester is already kicking my butt.
My life consists of: wake up, eat, do homework, go to class, eat, do homework, eat, sleep and repeat.
When I hang out with my best friend? We're doing homework.
Hang out with Michael? Doing homework.
Michael is sneaky and catches pictures of me doing homework, which is all the time.

He's also been a big sweetheart and made me dinner
Otherwise my dinners would consist of a bowl of cereal or frozen waffles. Apparently when I have no time to cook my default is breakfast food? 

I've also been doing my best to sleep whenever I can.
As in passing out in Michael's truck while he's working, my little desk during homework, sitting up in a chair

I also find cats being cute one of the few things that keep me sane.

Working out has been non-existent which is why this post is about my life as a zombie instead of my week in workouts. If I magically had the energy to go to the gym I would do it, but I don't.

I'm hoping I can actually get into a groove with homework and life so I can actually be a real person.
Here's to hoping!