Who Am I?

Welcome to A Life Worth Living!

Hey everyone, my name is Brittany. I'm a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and Zumba instructor. 

I grew up very centered around being active and was a cheerleader for my 4 years of high school.
Back then I didn't really know what was healthy to eat and what wasn't beyond "eat fruits and veggies." After high school I stayed relatively slim, but still wasn't eating well and eventually it showed. Meanwhile I was going to school to be a pastry chef which meant lots of baked goods and restaurant style food was within my grasp most of the week. 
 When I finally stepped on the scale and I was at my heaviest I knew it was time to start making a change. I started working out more and learning about nutrition. In the end, after 2 years of being a culinary major, I changed my major to kinesiology to become a personal trainer. I realized that my passion lay with being healthy and helping others be healthy.
I had a mishap in my life where I became severely depressed and stopped eating. I dropped down to my lowest weight and soon family and friends became concerned for me. I knew then I really needed help and I sought out what was best for me. Slowly I've gained the weight and muscle back and I make sure I feed my body the best I can.

I attribute a lot of my support and recovery to three people (one furrier than the others)
My awesome mom has stuck by my side through thick and thin and is my best friend. 

My amazing husband, Michael. He's been my best friend for ages and is my rock. We got married in 2015 because I just knew I had to keep this amazing guy around for the rest of my life. He makes me laugh, think, and be a better person. Plus he loves to cook and loves Star Wars, who couldn't love that?

This little fuzzy guy named Link, aka Nitten. Isn't his face just so adorable?! I don't know if he needs much of an introduction. He's a handful and half the time I want to shake him, but I'd rather just cuddle that adorable face.

I'm a relatively new blogger, as in I'm finally figuring this blogging thing out, so I hope you all stick around and enjoy reading my crazy antics and I'll try to keep you reeled in with more pictures of that adorable fuzzy face (the cat not the husband ;)

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