Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What I Ate Wednesday party time!
I was pretty lax on taking pictures of my recent eats, but in my defense it's been a strange day that taking pictures of my food wasn't my first priority today.
Anyway thanks to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for setting up this wonderful party

Breakfast: Oatmeal with cranberries, coconut, milk, brown sugar, and cinnamon

Breakfast Part 2: Trader Joe's mixed berry Greek yogurt with homemade granola

Morning Snack: Fresh pineapple

And that's all the pictures I have of food--very simple.

In other news I saw my personal trainer for the first time in...2 months? Something like that. Anyway, my personal trainer didn't know I was studying to be a personal trainer until today so he was enjoying killing me with a workout. Okay, I didn't die, but it sure felt like it. Guess I shouldn't miss gym time and then suddenly go back for a training session.

Hope you have a good week!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I absolutely love 3 day weekends.
I get a longer weekend and the following week is a day shorter for work, it's always amazing.
This weekend was obviously Memorial Day and I got to spend it with my awesome family which (finally) included my big brother, who also happens to be a Marine.
But first I'll start with Friday

On Friday Cody and I went to get dinner before we went to see Men in Black III. The only problem with summer around Santa Cruz is that so many annoying people flock here to enjoy the beaches and the Boardwalk. So when Cody and I went to get burgers before our movie I was expecting a normal 10 minutes for them to make our food. Oh no. 30 minutes went by and we still hadn't gotten our food. People who were behind us in line were getting their orders. I was hungry and cranky, but thankfully Cody was there to distract me with my early birthday present!
Aren't they gorgeous!
Since our burgers took so long we ended up having to grab them and get over to the movie theater and sneak them in in my purse. Once we got into the theater and the lights went down I was finally able to enjoy my burger. I got a veggie burger with bacon and cheddar cheese on a whole wheat bun. Very strange, I know.
The movie was hilarious! Despite the fact it came out years and years after the other 2 and I'll admit, I was skeptical that it would be good, it was really awesome. And Josh Brolin did an amazing job portraying a younger Tommy Lee Jones. It was eery how similar he sounded and looked. Two thumbs up to that movie
Cody also bought a play structure for the cats to play on. Technically it was for his cat, but when you have two cats in one room, things tend to get shared.
 Link ended up playing with it more than Ari did.

Saturday was a pretty quiet day. I took Link to his first vet visit since I adopted him and Cody and I went to get a t.v. for his room. For $25 you can't beat getting a damn nice t.v. and after Cody got off work we gave the t.v. it's first run with Thor which I fell asleep about 20 minutes in. What can I say, I was tired!

Sunday my family came up to go to Roaring Camp for a Civil War reenactment which was loads of fun. Instead of describing it all I'll post a bunch of pictures instead.

The battle which the two kids had to cover their ears for
 The monstrous hot dog I had for lunch


When we got home Lexi played with her new tea set 
To placate the kids we watched Tangled and afterwards were required to dance
These kids are damn adorable
After Cody got off work we actually watched Thor and I watched most of it until I couldn't keep my eyes open with about 10 minutes left. Running after 2 kids for a couple hours wears you out.

Monday Cody and I made waffles for breakfast
We mostly spent the day lying around watching Iron Man & Iron Man 2. Picking up on a theme for the movies (besides Men in Black III). Cody went to work that day and got swamped by all the tourists eating at the restaurant he works at. Poor guy. I spent the rest of my day curled up with Link watching Gossip Girl. I didn't want to disturb the little guy--look how cute he is!
 And with that adorable picture I'll stop talking since I've just about jabbered your ear off

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Addition

Hey everyone! Long time no talk, I know. I've been really horrible at keeping up with my blog.
I had some fun and exciting things happen around here so let's hope in.

I adopted a new kitten
This is one of the biggest things that's happened.
His name is Link and he's 1 month ago
Isn't he adorable?
He likes to meow a lot and wake me up at 3 AM, but he's so cute I don't mind. 
He's trying to be a blogger as well
Silly baby

I finally got my fall school schedule
It took long enough because the school didn't tell me I had to reapply for the fall semester since I took a year off school. Thanks a lot counselor I talked to 3 months ago who told me I wouldn't have to reapply. After reapplying and watching the classes I wanted slowly dwindle away I was finally able to register for classes today. Thankfully I got classes I wanted and not crappy classes just to get units (like I did my first semester with Philosophy of Religion). I'm going to be pretty busy come August, but I'm ready for the challenge.

Cheer practices are going wonderfully
Kind of self-explanatory
The teams are all super awesome and look amazing!
It's going to be an awesome year and I may or may not be alive by the end with work, school, cheer practices, and trying to have a life.

Gym time just isn't happening
I went to the gym maybe a week ago? I can't remember which means I haven't been going. I have a training session this Saturday--someone's going to be hurting!
The weather here has been gorgeous!
Cody and I have been enjoying the beach down the street from his house and the beautiful wharf by mine. Lemme just brag about how awesome it is here with some pictures
Be jealous

And finally some yummy eats!
Delicious pepperoni pizza from Whole Foods. Holy crap they make amazing pizza!

A green monster to fuel up after a workout

 Dark chocolate and peanut butter swirled froyo with strawberries, chocolate chips, and peanuts

Have a great week!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

While I do love writing about my weekend, it always happens on Sundays which means it's the end of the weekend; it's very bittersweet.

Friday after work Cody and I went to the restaurant he works out to try his new special for dinner.
So yummy!

The amazing chef with his amazing creation
Aaaaamazing chocolate strawberry cheesecake

After a delicious dinner we headed off to downtown to see The Avengers. It was absolutely awesome! It was engaging and extremely funny. I can't wait for the sequel to come out eventually.

Saturday Cody and I went shopping and boy do I love spending money. Ha! I also went to the gym finally after who knows how long. I was super tired and didn't want to jump right back into my intense workouts so I spent some time on the bike. Unfortunately I could only get the bike that you sit back in a chair to work and after about 10 minutes it was incredibly uncomfortable for my legs so I hopped off and stretched instead. At least I started back again and hopefully I'll keep myself motivated enough to keep going back.

Sunday I had a delicious and laid-back breakfast of a banana-nut muffin, strawberries, and Naked Red Machine juice.

We mostly spent the day relaxing and watching The Vampire Diaries and reading while our cat cuddled with Cody.
So adorable!

After Cody went off to work I spent the rest of my day doing laundry and catching up on a week's worth of recorded shows.
Cheer starts this week officially so it'll be an interesting and super busy week. Good luck to me, ha!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIAW: Froyo Galore

It's Wednesday and you know what that means!

It's been awhile since I did a WIAW post, but since I have my handy new laptop I can finally blog from home instead of at work! 
I've also noticed a lot that when I don't do WIAW I don't tend to eat well, but now that I'm documenting what I eat again I've been really aware of what I've been eating. 
Now on to the party!

No this isn't one days worth of food, I combined two days
  • Cottage cheese with strawberry
  • Oatmeal with 2% milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, and shredded coconut
  • Raspberry Chobani
  I made myself a homemade Lunchable with pizza crust, pizza sauce, and reduced-fat mozzarella cheese. So yummy and much more filling than the puny stuff they give you in Lunchables nowadays.

  •  Gala apple
  • Honey mustard pretzel bits
  • Crunchy peanut butter granola bar
  • Whole wheat Ritz crackers (what?!) with sharp cheddar cheese
Some Sweet Stuff:
  I may or may not have had froyo two days in a row....
It's been hot here and I needed a cooldown
  • Strawberry froyo with peanuts
  • Strawberry & peanut butter froyo with chocolate chips and peanuts
  • Fudgesicle...mmmmmm
I keep forgetting to take a picture of my dinner and it's also incredibly awkward for me to whip out my iphone at the dinner table with my stepdad so no dinner pictures this week.
I did have some delicious parmesan noodles and that's about it, I've been slacking on dinner.

I did have to share this killjoy of a weather change
 Gotta love the fog rolling in and taking it down like 20 degrees
Maybe it's Mother Nature's way of saying, "Lay off the froyo"

Still haven't gone to the gym, but I plan on going back next week which incidentally is the same week I start practices for cheer, this should be interesting. My personal trainer is going to kick my ass next time we meet up...whoops!