Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break '13

Thankfully I'm not too far behind since spring break wasn't that long ago for me, but I wanted to give a recap of the random things I did over break.
I've never been one of those people to actually go anywhere for spring break. I usually spend it at home by myself watching movies and sleeping. This year Michael and I planned a trip up north to Santa Rosa to visit his old neighborhood and go hiking.
But first we had a Sharks game

The next day we headed up north
...and tried out these delicious chips
These things are like crack
...we saw Google's self-driving car
...and the Golden Gate in fog (what a surprise)
Once we got up to Windsor we stopped at Johnny Garlic's for lunch
 Rosemary foccacia with onions
 Flash-fried bad but so good
My veggie burger w/ garlic potato chips
Michael's pesto pasta w/ Caeser salad
After lunch we went to Powell's Candy Store for candy (duh) and gelato
White chocolate & raspberry gelato, my first one ever!
Our haul from Powell's
Enjoying the sunshine
Once we ate our gelato and mapped out where we were going, we headed out to a winery for wine tasting
It was so good and so much fun!
We headed to our hotel to check-in before heading out to dinner. I don't usually post pictures of my hotel room, but this room was just gorgeous
 The bathtub even had jets, I just wanted to live there
And we even had a little balcony overlooking the courtyard.
It was by far the most gorgeous room I've ever stayed in. If you're ever in Santa Rosa, stay at Hotel La Rose

The next day we had planned on going for this awesome sounding hike, but Michael hurt his foot so hiking was out of the question. Instead we decided to head into San Francisco to go to the zoo.
Plus it was just gorgeous!
The animals were so cute, but a lot of them weren't out. We were there in the middle of the week so that's probably why. It was nice to just relax and enjoy some free time, unfortunately the clouds started rolling in and it dropped a good 10 degrees quickly. We both headed back to the car and made our way home along the gorgeous Highway 1

After we made it home we turned around the head right back out to one of the best hockey games I've ever been too. There were some good fights and lots of tension which was pretty entertaining.
In the end I had a pretty awesome spring break and by far one of the best ones yet.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fit Fridays #14

I am alive, I promise!! School has been crazy hectic and it's next to impossible to squeeze in sitting down for a blog post between sleeping and homework.
I couldn't even get this post out on time, so let's pretend it's Friday.

 I really got some good workouts in this week which I'm still feeling.

Michael and I actually made it to the 6:30 AM yoga class at our gym, and it was just our luck that our teacher didn't wake up for class so we had a no-show and just headed home.
I did run back later for Cardio Kickboxing which I had a little bit of a hard time with. My heart rate was getting so high that I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy so I promptly stopped whatever I was doing until it went away and then proceeded to do the rest of the exercises with less intensity.
Because I had worked my arms so much in class I focused on legs mostly in class...which I forgot to record. Whoops!!

Today was my first day with my actual Gyrokinesis teacher at my school. Call me a yoga snob or whatever but I don't feel Gyrokinesis is yoga. I'm not enjoying it that much and especially don't enjoy that there isn't any music.

I made it to a 5:30 am workout at my gym!! It's like climbing Mount Everest. I did Muffin Topless' Leg Demolition workout. She's not kidding when she says leg demolition, I can barely walk still. My legs are so incredibly sore and while I whine and complain (poor Michael has to hear it) I feel amazing!
Our yoga instructor showed up for class today and thankfully we didn't do 30 bagillion sets of Warrior poses. I would have probably fallen over.
And since my legs were beyond exhausted at this point I focused all on my upper body in class today...and forgot to write out what I did.

Second day of Gyrokinesis and I'm still not a fan. It was incredibly boring and just straight up does not feel like yoga at all. I consider it more like chair dancing than it doesn't help that my teacher is a bitch an unpleasant person.

I had another Muffin Topless workout planned, but I can still barely walk so I decided to rest rather than tax my body more than it already is.

Phew! I did a lot this week and I plan on getting even more done this upcoming week!
Make sure you get out there and move over the weekend!
I'll do my best to catch up on my long list of blog posts ASAP!

Have you tried Gyrokinesis? What were your thoughts?
How have you gotten moving?