Sunday, July 29, 2012

Watching the Olympics

As all of you (hopefully) know the Olympics have started and I'm finally organized enough to find out when the events I want to watch are actually happening. Usually I just get the recaps on the news on the next morning and am always bummed I didn't get to watch it happen. Not this year! Cody and I got dinner to enjoy at home so I could watch the opening ceremonies for the first time.
 Good ol' pizza and garlic breadsticks
Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. In all honesty, the only part I really enjoyed was the comedic relief of Rowan Atkinson.
Once the countries started to file out, my eyes began to droop and I passed out on Cody's shoulder waiting for USA to come out. Cody woke me up just in time to see them walk out and I forced myself to stay awake until I saw who was lighting the cauldron at the end. I kept hearing it was this amazing surprise and it was very anticlimatic when I didn't know who the hell the person was. I went right back to sleep afterwards and didn't actually see the cauldron lit up. All in all I was unimpressed by my first opening ceremonies.

So far I've caught swimming and gymnastics which are my favorite events to watch. I'm so impressed by the gymnastics and have always wished I could do what they do. Watching the swimming events always makes me miss my days of competitive swimming and I always get a rush remembering how I felt when I dove off the board. I have to say I was bummed that Michael Phelps didn't make the podium for his first race, but hopefully he'll start getting those gold medals now. And hey, at least Ryan Lochte won gold so we kept it in USA anyway.

Watching the Olympics always motivates me to start working out and being healthy. How can I not when there are so many commercials promoting a healthy lifestyle like the Olympians (I'm looking at you Subway who's been advertising for months already). Today I was so busy grocery shopping and making food that I started to put off doing a workout. I didn't want to go to the gym and was just feeling lazy. Fortunately for me I have this handy-dandy notebook app from Nike that has workouts for you. I did a 15 minute cardio workout to at least get myself moving. Unfortunately I didn't even finish it. I was sucking in air like a fish out of water and was just crazy weak. I have no idea if it was because it was the end of the day and I was too full from dinner or what, but I'm at least proud of myself for getting some movement in, even if it wasn't a full 15 minutes. 

Anyone else disappointed with the opening ceremonies?
Do you find the Olympics motivating to be healthy?

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