Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all had a safe and great New Year!

Michael and I spent the night relaxing in our hotel room since I'm still recovering from the flu. We went out to dinner with Michael's parents and I got some pretty delicious food.

Instead of doing a full recap of 2013 cause let's face it, I have the flu and I just don't have the energy to go through it all, let's just summarize it as eventful and a pretty good year.

And I've decided that instead of doing a list of resolutions for the new year (since I never end up following them) I'd come up with a few goals to accomplish throughout the year.
1. Get my NASM certification
2. Move out
3. Graduate college
And that's it.

Hope you all have a wonderful year!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fit Friday #19

Happy Friday everyone!
This weeks marks some pretty important things around here. #1. I finally started running again #2. If you've been following my Facebook page you'll see I started a Fitness Advent Challenge I found on Pinterest, which I'll be talking about tomorrow in it's own special post. #3. December started finally! It's almost Christmas time which also means it's been busy, busy, busy. 
I talked about it on Wednesday, but this has been my life as of late
If breathing wasn't so automatic I honestly don't know if I'd remember to do so unless it was written down. That's how crazy it's been around here.

Even though it's been super busy, I've still found time to exercise so
Even made a new picture

I went for my first run since I found out I have plantar fasciitis back in August
I went right as the sun was coming up and ran a 60 sec jog/90 sec walk for 20 minutes.

Upper body day at the gym

I was going to go for a run, but I had registration early in the morning for my last semester.
I had my fitness classes, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't write them down so I don't remember what we did.

I spent all day on my butt doing homework, minus the planks I would get up and do for the Advent Fitness Challenge

Despite it being freezing cold...
...I still went for my morning run of 60 sec job/90 sec walk for 20 minutes.
I've been easing back into running and am really mindful of how my feet feel. I don't want to overdo it and cause an injury...again.
I had my two fitness classes, one of which we watched a documentary. The other was a crazy 21-15-9 workout of jump ropes, wall ball tosses, weighted step ups, jogging, mountain climbers, and body rows. My hand was cramping super bad so I had to modify most of the exercises.

I have an interview today so I'm going to try and squeeze in a run in the afternoon!

How are you staying active during the cold weather?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WIAW: Gimme the Juice

Holy Batman where has the week gone?!
It has been crazycakes busy around here. I don't mean like normal busy but like...
That's my planner. Every. Freaking. Week.
It's coming up on finals around here so things have kicked into hyperspeed on top of my NASM studying, and oh yeah, it's Christmas season.

So in order for me to get through everything without exploding or passing out in class (I've been tempted) I had to resort to coffee. Lemme preface this with the fact that I HATED coffee. Not just a "this doesn't taste wonderful" but like spit-out-gag-icky-face reaction. I had to suck it up and start drinking coffee and found the right combo and viola, been drinking it every day
Michael totally appreciates this picture

Since I'm writing this Tuesday night and should be faceplanting in bed to wake up on the go, let's keep this short and sweet (of course now that I've written you a freakin novel already)

 Thanks to Jenn for throwing this awesome party every week!

2 slices of Ezekial toast with honey roasted peanut butter
Juice #1:
Chocolate & peppermint flavored coffees with milk and stevia

Juice #2:
Dark chocolate mocha from Whole Foods

Leftover crockpot chili (recipe coming after I tweak it) and saltines

Snack #1:
Cinnamon toasted almonds from the Dickens Fair

 Snack #2:
Discovered this at Whole Foods..aaaaamazing

Egg salad on Ezekial
(this picture is at home, I actually ate it in my car between classes)

Apple pie with whipped cream

It's a miracle I've even eaten anything other than chugging coffee.
Now I'm off to faceplant it in my bed to wake up running through the to-do list. Anyone got an IV drip of coffee?

Any other reformed coffee drinkers?

Let's Talk About the Thigh Gap

I wanted to bring up something that's been rounding the fitness Pinterest boards and all over motivational pictures.
It's the thigh gap

I want to talk about the obsession women seem to have with the thigh gap now. From what I've gathered women who want to lose weight/look better/feel better/what have you are striving for this gap between the thighs. It's almost become the measure of a healthy/skinny woman's body. If she has a gap between her thighs she must be healthy.
I'm here to say, that's just not true. I saw a photo of two women's tushes, one with a thigh gap and one who was still clearly in shape, but her thighs touched. I happened to look down to check for myself with my own legs
No thigh gap
I'm pretty fit and pretty tiny, but I have leg muscles and that makes my legs touch and I'm damn proud of it.

Then I was outraged to hear that Lululemon's founder basically accused women who's thighs touched to be ruining his yoga pants
Does that mean I don't get to wear their yoga pants? Does that mean the only way girls will look good in their pants are if their thighs don't touch?

Don't get me wrong, some women naturally have a gap between their thighs and that is just fine. I have no qualms with that. What I'm concerned about is this idea that people seem to be having now is that the only way you will be skinny and happy is by having a thigh gap. It can lead to unhealthy habits that become unsafe.
Can we all just strive for a healthier body that we can feel good in? Can we measure our bodies by the awesome accomplishments they make instead of a gap that we may never get?

What do you think of the thigh gap?

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving & The Start of Christmas

Happy Monday everyone!
It has been a marathon of a weekend over here. It started with Thanksgiving and then zoomed through Christmas decorating, visiting the Dickens Fair, and seeing The Nutcracker with my mom.
I'll try and keep it photo heavy rather than word heavy!

Thursday was Thanksgiving (duh) and I spent a quiet one at home with my parents
Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
Turkey prep
Forced family photo op! I promise my stepdad likes us, he just doesn't smile much

Friday we got all our Christmas decorations and our tree

 Christmas trees!
There, told ya he likes us
Christmas chaos

Post-Christmas decorating madness
and of course, the forced reindeer antlers

Saturday my parents and I went to the Dickens Fair up in San Francisco and got to experience A Christmas Carol in real life
 They had characters walking around like Father Christmas and Marley's ghost. They had Scrooge and Bob Crachit as well
I found this metal mustache on a stick, just had to get a photo with it
and of course they had Santa

Sunday my mom and I went to see a showing of The Nutcracker at my school
 It was a pretty good showing of it and the second time I've ever seen it. I always wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger, but never got to dance so I love watching ballets.

And finally, Michael has been out of state for work for the past month so we Skype everyday and talk as much as we can, which has included Skype coffee dates

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Who else has gotten their Christmas tree? Anyone decorated yet?