Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIAW: Shaking it Up

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm so happy to be getting back into What I Ate Wednesday after being absent for it last week. Thanks again to Jenn for hosting this awesome mid-week party!
Let's get on with the yummy foods!
Pretty much all of my food is from Monday because Tuesday I didn't end up eating much and what I did I didn't feel like taking a picture of
 Recent breakfast:
A bowl of (unpictured) Life cereal with vanilla almond milk
Vanilla Greek yogurt with blueberries and granola
 Recent snack:
Mini Babybel cheese wheel--so damn good
 Recent lunch:
Pita chips and a peanut butter and jam sandwich
 Recent snack:
Homemade walnut cherry bars (recipe coming soon)
 Recent dinner:
1 egg and 1 egg white scrambled with salt and pepper
Post-workout snack:
Peanut butter and chocolate shake
I've heard about PB2 and had absolutely no idea what it was so I tracked it down in Whole Foods. I thought it would go well with my chocolate protein powder so I whipped it up in my blender with some almond milk after my workout today and holy crap it was aaaaaaaaamazing. I was so sad when I finished it on my drive to cheer practice.

As for my workout I haven't been going that often and I skipped zumba this morning in lieu of my workout with my trainer this afternoon. Boy was it brutal, but I felt exhausted afterward which always makes me feel like I did an excellent job.
Not to mention I could barely lift my arms; they felt like they were made of lead.
And at cheer practice today we were missing one of our flyers so I got to jump in and fly again. It was pretty awesome and felt like the 3 years since I've graduated hadn't gone by. 

Now I'm thoroughly exhausted and am going to lie in bed and watch Covert Affairs.


  1. Can't wait for the bar recipe! THose look so filling and delicious!

  2. PB2 is so so good. I "discovered" it this past year too and I absolutely love it! My favorite is mixing it into applesauce.

  3. i still remember my first pb2 experience. i couldn't believe how delicious it was and the nutritional stats! glad you've seen the light!

  4. My friend has been telling me about pb2. I wish there was a place around here where I could get it! I'm looking forward to the bar recipe, too.