Sunday, July 15, 2012

MIMM: A Hiking Adventure

It's Monday which means another Marvelous in my Monday!

Thursday morning Cody suggested we go hiking which I was all for. He said he knew about this park that would be fun to go through so we looked up the directions to get there and headed out. Even though I had my gps on my phone going we still got lost. We passed by the entrance and saw a sign for The Mystery Spot and just decided to go there instead, but then we found another entrance to the park. Gotta love when you're flexible when plans don't go right. We parked and hopped out to find a trail map and didn't end up following it at all, ha! Thankfully the walk/hike was gorgeous nonetheless

 We ended up hiking up this extremely steep hill and I'm thankful I had my new hiking shoes on to help grip the ground.
 We found a different track eventually that stayed level and then started to go downhill through some gorgeous trees that eventually led up back to our car.
 It was a really marvelous hike that I'm really glad Cody suggested.
After the hike we were both super hungry and headed out to get some Mexican food.
I got two vegetarian tacos that I didn't end up finishing. These things were massive!

I had such a wonderful time with Cody and I can't wait until we go again with some more time on our hands.

Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!

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  1. Those vegetarian tacos look amazing! Can you suggest a recipe to make them at home?! x