Friday, March 21, 2014

Fit Friday #3

Can I just say thank god it's Friday?!
Holy cow has it been busy busy busy around here!
I started working more hours at work (yay!) but my schedule hasn't fully adjusted to 1. the stupid time change & 2. having less free time during the day to get my million & one things done.
Unfortunately that meant my exercise got pushed to the back burner while I struggle with getting on top of things again.
However, I did get some workouts in and I've been really trying to make sure I get something done each day. Even if it means just walking around a lot and not sitting at work.

I couldn't get a workout in before work so I made sure I got one in afterwards!
It was a new arm & ab workout I've got in the works, just gotta think of a witty name for it. Ideas?

Michael and I tend to spend our Saturdays on our butts since we both work all week & try to relax. Well it's been nice & warm around here so I decided to take his dog out for a walk on the beach and it was so much fun!
 We went for a 2 mile walk which tired all of us out, but I'm so glad we got out and did something!

I went for my longest straight run to date. As in, ever. I'm so freaking proud of myself. I ran for 25 minutes straight and for someone who hates running, that's a biiiiiig accomplishment!
I did have to watch Toned Up to distract myself and get through, but I did it!

Zumba before work!

I'm also going to be teaching Zumba at my job which is beyond exciting! So I've been practicing dances a lot which is exercise in itself.

How have you kept active? 
Any witty names for an arm and core workout?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WIAW: St. Patrick's Day

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful, and safe, St. Patrick's Day!
I didn't do a whole lot on St. Patty's Day so I don't have much to say, but I did have some pretty yummy food.

This will be a speedy post cause I'm still running around like crazy trying to do everything.

1 fried egg in coconut oil & an english muffin w/ avocado & siracha (gotta have green!)

Morning snack:
Banana & honey peanut butter

Egg salad sandwich (minus the bread cause I just felt like eating "deviled eggs")

Afternoon snack:
Lightly salted brown rice cakes

Corned beef w/ some potatoes

Dessert/Eaten Through Dinner:
Irish soda bread

Phew! Fastest post ever! I may be MIA off and on while I hammer out my schedule and try to finish school, but I'll be back Friday for Fit Friday!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fit Friday #2

Happy Friday!
How have you all weathered the time change this week?
For me, it's been incredibly difficult to wake up early to get a workout in.
But I did it, even if it meant changing my workout to get something in.
I was determined to make it through this week with no excuses!

Run on the treadmill, 8 min run/3 min walk/5 min run/3 min walk/8 min run

Woke up early to train Michael
So thankful he puts up with me taking pictures of him

Later on I took a cardio muscle class at my gym and then did my Fast & Fiery workout

After training my first client I went for a killer run. 10 min run/3 min walk/10 min run
 So happy to be back on track with my running program!

Zumba before work!

Longest run I've done so far, 22 minutes!!
I survived while watching Toned Up on my iPad
Nothing like some good fitness girlfriends to keep me entertained!

Hope you're all keeping healthy, fit & happy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WIAW: Buzz Buzz

Happy Wednesday everyone!
How have you all been handling this time change?
It's really thrown me off my game, but I'm doing what I can to keep up with my schedule.
Thankfully part-way through this week we get this awesome party!
Thanks Jenn!

My Monday was chaotic. I woke up early to train Michael, had a workout class I needed to try at work, worked out, and then worked. Zzzz. I'm a busy little bee around here!

1 fried egg in coconut oil, 2 slices of multigrain toast w/ butter, and coffee

Post-workout(s) Snack:
Chocolate coconut water & a mixture of dried bananas, sunflower seeds, & dried mango

I forgot to take a picture of my Lunch, but it was a good ol' PB&J sandwich.

Afternoon Snack:
Baby carrots & garlic hummus

I totally forgot we didn't get something we needed to make dinner so we went out & grabbed dinner instead
Pesto pizza & 1/2 caesar salad

Dessert: (I had to, it's hot around here!)
Macadamia nut toffee froyo w/ Captain Crunch cereal, strawberries, peanuts & some crushed graham crackers

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

MIMM: Trying New Things

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a great weekend. 
Mine was pretty busy, but definitely loads of fun.
Instead of boring you with long stories I'll show you my weekend in pictures!

Friday night Michael and I relaxed with some pomegranate wine, popcorn, and finally got to watch Ender's Game

 Saturday morning Michael and I went to the local farmer's market. I just love living somewhere that has fresh organic produce year-round.
We went out to lunch at a local sushi place and I tried sushi for the first time! I'm not a fan of seaweed so I have a hard time eating it, but I ate some. I also got a Bento box with salad, rice, veggie tempura, and Michael and I split tempura bananas with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce.
 Saturday night we went out to a Sharks game and went to a German restaurant to celebrate Michael's stepdad's birthday. The apple strudel there is to die for.

Sunday morning was soooooo hard to get up for. Anyone else have a hard time after losing an hour? My cat snuggled me and tried to convince me to not get dressed to go for a run. It didn't work and I made it for a run and Zumba.
 We headed to San Jose to get Michael a gym bag and explored Santana Row and drooled over Lululemon stuff (well I did, Michael just wandered and laughed at the high prices). We found this restaurant that was a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and Oh. My. God. It was aaaaaamazing!!!! I had a buffalo chick'n wrap and a kale caeser salad and Michael had a taco chick'n wrap and a Thai chick'n salad. Both were so delicious and we split a strawberry lemonade that was actually strawberry lemonade, not powdered, and a pomegranate green tea. We chugged them both cause they were both so delicious.
We also discovered a Pinkberry while we were there and stopped in to get a peanut  butter chocolate milkshake. Oh lord it was amazing!

Overall it was a great weekend and I enjoyed getting out and trying new things!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fit Friday #1 (Starting Over)

Hey everyone!!
Long time no Fit Friday posts.
I've been lazy. Straight up, I ain't getting off this couch I'm taking a nap lazy.
Week after week I would tell myself "I'll start over on Sunday" and then Sunday would come and I'd do nothing and then get mad at myself for not doing anything.

Well I can't say this week was too different. I did workout this week, but Tuesday came around and I was just exhausted. Not just a little bit tired, but like my eyes wouldn't open no matter how hard I tried. I haven't been sleeping well this week so it wasn't a surprise my body decided to quit on me and demand more rest. And I listened. I didn't beat myself up, I just accepted that this week wasn't going to work and I needed to recuperate.
Instead of just bringing you here for a sob story, I figured I'd give you a killer workout I did on Monday.

For the Russian Twists: Balance on the ball part of the Bosu ball with or without a weight in your hand. Lean back to bring your feet off the floor and twist side to side. To make it difficult, bend your right knee towards your chest and twist to the right, switch legs and switch sides. Think a bicycle crunch on a Bosu.
For the Triple Crunch: Lie on the Bosu, do a middle crunch, one crunch up towards the right side, middle crunch, one crunch up towards left side. That equals one.
Biceps burner: Do 8 dumbbell biceps curl, 8 pulses with arms in 90 degrees, 8 biceps curl.

 How have you been keeping active?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Different Priorities

When I was in high school I pictured my future as married at 18 to my high school boyfriend and starting a family by 21. I had a loose idea of what I wanted to do work-wise, but I pictured myself more as the woman who stays home and takes care of the house and then a SAHM when the babies arrived.
Once my high school boyfriend and I broke up suddenly I realized "oh hey, you're a senior in high school, you should probably figure out what to do afterwards." That's when I decided I wanted to be a chef.

When I met my ex-fiance I was sort of floating along in college, not completely sure what I was doing or where I was going. When we moved out and I had to put school off my focus turned towards getting married and starting a family ASAP because I sort of felt like an adult living on my own and working full-time. It was almost like I felt it was the next step, even though at 19 I had no idea what I was doing.

Once we broke up I realized I needed to get on track for a career rather than a family at such a young age. I finished taking a year off of school, realized what I really wanted for my career, and dove back into getting back on track. When my 21st birthday went by and I realized if I had followed my original path of starting a family at 21, I was beyond thankful I had changed my path. 
Not putting down anyone, but I know myself and I get frustrated with my cat when he does something he shouldn't be doing...I'm not ready to parent a child yet.

Where am I going with this whole post?
Today I realized that I'm finally on track and where I want to be. I'm 22 and I work at a gym I plan to stay at for quite a long time, almost graduated from college, will soon be a NASM certified personal trainer, and a Zumba instructor. I plan on moving out this summer and no where in those plans do babies come up for a long time. I love kids, don't get me wrong, but I just don't have the patience to take care of my own. Back in high school I didn't picture myself as a career woman--the kind that puts their career first over starting a family-- but here I am.
I'm thankful I've had parents to support me through my journey and helped me achieve what I want, and I'm thankful I have my best friend as my boyfriend who supports me through everything and pushes me to be more.

Now, I'm getting better at scheduling things so I'll have some new recipes and other fun things coming up on the blog soon!!

Have you ever had an epiphany about changing the path of your life?

Monday, March 3, 2014

My New Besties

I've been meaning to talk about this amazing power duo for awhile, but I never seemed to sit down and actually write it. But I couldn't wait any longer to talk about these two women and the amazing community they've created.

I wanted to talk about Karena & Katrina from Tone It Up

They're both personal trainers and best friends. They have a show on Bravo, which I hope runs for a second season, that follows them in their day-to-day lives working out, running Tone It Up, and having lives.
They're amazingly sweet and kooky girls and I just adore them. Everyone does!

They have workouts they post all the time that are fun to do and they started an online community on their website that is amazing. The community is free and it's full of girls supporting each other all the time. I've never read a bad thing on there and if a girl complains about her body, other members quickly jump on and give her encouraging words and boosts. 
I love going on there and posting about my workouts,  my food, or about my troubles and I know I'll have girls there to support me who I've never met across the country & globe.

I highly HIGHLY recommend you look these girls up and jump in!

I was not compensated for this, it's all my own opinions.