Friday, April 27, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Hello there strangers! It's been a week since I last blogged, though it feels like forever! I've been super busy with cheerleading that I haven't had time to sit down and write something. In all honesty I don't have much to say since I've basically been working, going to cheer practices, and sleeping. Exciting right? I haven't even been to the gym yet....whoops!

Cheer has been really fun and it definitely brings back some old memories. It's very nostalgic watching them do jumps and motions and such and I want to jump back in and start doing stuff again. I miss it a bunch and I'm really glad to be back so I can coach girls. I haven't been around high school girls in a long time and my head was definitely aching with all the chit chat. Next week I get to find out who will be on my team and I'm really excited :)

While I've been having fun at cheer practices I've been neglecting the gym. I honestly can't tell you the last time I went which sounds really horrible. I'm trying to work out my new schedule now and haven't quite gotten the energy to go to the gym. I'm hoping next week I can squeeze some gym time in.

Can I also say how super stoked I am it's Friday?! This week dragged and dragged! Usually I don't want to come in to work and just think, "Man work sucks, I don't want to be here," but this week I've actively thought of how I could skip work. That's how much I don't want to be here, but it's the last day of the week and then I'm free! Cody is taking me on a date tonight and I have no clue where we're going to dinner which will be really fun. It's also supposed to be super nice this weekend so maybe I'll get in some beach time (and hopefully not get burned like I did last weekend).

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday!

This week made me feel like I've been through a really long, grueling battle. Was I the only one who felt like the week was twice as long? Work hasn't been that wonderful, but when has it ever? In a nutshell, my week hasn't been all. But the weekend starts at the end of my workday and then it's time to relax!

Tonight Cody and I are getting a pizza and continuing our X-Men marathon and then I'm sleeping...a lot.

This weekend also starts the cheer season for me so I'm getting prepared for that. I've been really excited to get involved with cheer again and I'm especially excited to coach a team again (cackles madly). But seriously, I really enjoy teaching these girls stuff, which partially allows me to do some of my old cheer stuff, and watching them succeed. It's a really great feeling :)

Now I'm just going to spend the rest of my workday staring at my clock and willing it to move a lot faster than it does.
And this is me at the end of the work day
Any fun weekend plans?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Impromptu Race

My mom had a training session with her trainer yesterday and I was going to go along and do a legs and arms workout until she was done. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that great and was still pretty sore from my first day back after a 2 or 3 week (it's been so long I can't remember) hiatus. So instead of working on my muscles I was going to just take it slow on the bike. Well apparently I can't hop on a bike without going super crazy fast so "taking it slow" didn't happen. This guy came in and got on the bike next to me, but I didn't bother looking over--I was too busy rocking out to my music from my iPhone. Whenever I hope on equipment next to someone I tend to sneak a peek once at what the person is doing next to me; I don't want to seem like that creeper staring at everyone in the gym. This guy took a look at the screen of my bike and started peddling, eventually I noticed the guy would start slowing down and then sneak a peek at my screen and quickly start speeding up. I guess we were racing? I have no idea, but I stoically sat there on my bike and tried to not notice the guy racing next to me. I spent 20 something minutes on the bike and then hopped off to go find my mom. Feel proud random bike dude, you won this round.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WIAW: A Healthy Day

Wednesday and you know what that means!

What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn @ Peas&Crayons!!

Pomegranate & Blueberry cereal from TJs
Cottage cheese

PB&J sandwich
Lots and lots of water

Multigrain pita crackers with garlic hummus

Pre-workout Snack:
Cherry Pie Larabar

Chicken breast, brown rice, raw green beans, & more water

Whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
I promise I only had 1 not 3!

I finally made it to the gym as well so I can actually post it!
5 minute warmup on the treadmill at 5.0 speed
Bosuball elbow to knee crunch- 20 each side X 2
Bosuball roll to pop w/ 6# medicine ball- 20 each side X 2
Stability ball scorpion- 15 each side X 2
Stability ball leg raise- 20 X 2
Stability ball elbow plank- alphabet X 2
Crazy Ivans w/ 6# medicine ball- 20 X 2
Russian Twists w/ 6# medicine ball- 20 X 2
Decline situp with bosuball support & 6# med ball- 20 X 2
Decline situp with bosuball & 6# med ball twist- 20 X 2
Oblique twist with 6# med ball- 20 each side X 2

Despite how insane everything looks down on paper I didn't feel like my workout was challenging enough. What I mean by that is I don't really feel a burn like a usually do. I didn't work as hard because I've been still trying to kick this cold to the curb. But realistically it's because I haven't been to the gym in I don't even remember how long and I wasn't as strong as I used to be. I'll be going back more often now.

I'm also really excited because cheer starts next week and I can't wait to start coaching my new team. I spent the day coming up with workouts for my girls and I can guarantee none of them are going to like me after the first day haha!

Any yummy eats this week?
Do you find it hard to start working out after you've taken time off?

The Problem with Mondays

It's Tuesday! I actually survived Monday and I was damn sure I wouldn't make it through the day. It was one problem after another and I just couldn't get out of my Monday funk.

The other day I posted about registering for classes for my summer semester. I likened it to preparing for battle....and I lost. Apparently I'm not considered a continuing student because I took some time off of school for financial and other stupid reasons, and thus couldn't register the first day. No problem if my classes weren't so high demand, but 3 hours after registration had opened one of my classes had 3 seats left and I can't register for over a week. Guess who's more than likely not getting summer classes. To top that off I found out I can't register for classes for the fall semester until 2 weeks after registration opens. My classes are all high demand's going to really be a battle for registration.

I've been getting over the cold that had me down for a couple weeks, but I'd still got the sniffly nose. Unfortunately that meant my nose was on FIRE yesterday and I felt like I had rubbed sandpaper all over my nose. I sincerely looked like Rudolph.
 My boss tried to send me home a couple times to try and save money, but I had to keep reminding her, it's a sniffly nose and I'll live. By the third time I was about ready to say some nasty things to her, but thankfully it was time to leave. I practically danced out of the office and I was given the good news that my boss wouldn't be in today. It's like Christmas!

Thankfully things got better after I left my office, especially when Cody read my mind and had me meet him at his job for dinner. Nothing like some good fries and tartar sauce for dinner...sounds a little weird, I know, but try it, it's delicious. And now that it's Tuesday it seems the bad luck of Monday has passed and I get to enjoy the sunny weather indoors. Whoo!

Any bad Monday stories?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Homemade Granola

I've been posting about my homemade granola for quite awhile now and I always promise to post the recipe and I never do, but I'm finally buckling down to write it out for you.

The 3 ingredients

Cinnamon covered oats...yum!

Smells so delicious

How it looks when everything is combined


The final product

Homemade granola
Yields about 3 cups

3 cups old-fashioned oats
1/3 cup pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon of cinnamon, or to your taste

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
2. Pour oats into a medium bowl, sprinkle cinnamon over the oats
3. Add maple syrup and stir until oats are moist
3. Spread evenly on a sheet pan and bake for 30 minutes, stirring halfway through.
4. Let cool and enjoy!

Super easy, but really delicious and crunchy.

Weekend Recap

Tomorrow is Monday already? Where did my weekend go? It's not like I did anything exciting really, but it was two days full of not working...the best kind of days!

Friday night Cody took me out to see The Hunger Games again. Originally our plan was to get a pizza and have an X-Men marathon, but somehow it morphed to going out to see a movie instead. Cody wanted to see Three Stooges, but I had to explain to him that I'm a woman and I don't find the Moe, Larry, and Curly funny at all. What I really wanted to see was The Hunger Games which we had already seen and it didn't take much to convince Cody to see it instead of something else. I just love the whole series and the movie is excellent. If you haven't seen it, go see now. I'm a crazy fan girl and even have a mockingjay pin on my leather jacket and I've worn my brown leather boots both times I've seen the movie. I'm even pretty damn good at archery.
Just call me Katniss

Saturday Cody and I just ran some errands and then watched Big Bang Theory until he went to work. Once he went to work I got on to Pottermore and spent hours playing until I finished the first chapter. I was expecting the game to be a lot more entertaining than it is. Maybe it's just the first book, but I was expecting more than what I got. But we'll see how it goes once they open the rest of the books...whenever that may be.

Sunday I spent mostly in bed, unable to get up without involuntarily collapsing. I have no idea what was wrong with me today, but I could barely stand for longer than a minute without my legs going super weak and getting lightheaded. Once Cody went to work I alternated between doing laundry, making granola, baking whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (what a mouthful), and lying in bed. I promise this week I'll finally post my granola recipe and my recipe for w.w. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow is the first day of registration for the summer semester at my college and I'm praying I can get the two classes I need. Unfortunately the school only offers my wedding cake class during the summer so I've got to get this class before I have to wait another year to get that one damn class. I feel like I'm preparing for battle to get these two classes. Fingers crossed it all works out.

Before I end this I want to just say how damn proud I am of my boyfriend. He hasn't been working at his new job for a whole month yet before they put one of his dishes on their specials menu as an appetizer. What an amazing accomplishment! He's such an amazing chef and I couldn't be more proud :)

Any fun weekend adventures?
Any delicious new eats over the weekend?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone!
I'm still sick so my What I Ate Wednesday eats are going to be random and not the greatest.

So let's join Jenn at Peas and Crayons for the What I Ate Wednesday party!

I didn't take any pictures because I've been in and out all day. I literally would take NyQuil, pass out for a few hours, wake up and eat, go back to sleep. Repeat every 6 hours. So sorry for no pictures :( 

Whole wheat toast with blackberry jam that I got from the farmer's market

Cody was such a sweetheart and rode his bike out in the rain to buy me a bean, cheese, and sour cream burrito. What a sweet man.

Random Other Nibbles:
Saltine crackers
Annie's Honey Wheat bunny pretzels--the only thing I do have a picture of

Baskin Robbin's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
Key Lime Larabar
I've also been drinking lots of water and pomegranate blue Honest ade. It's aaaaaamazing!

Super boring eats, but I haven't stayed up for longer than 30 minutes so I haven't had any structured eats.

Besides being sick I've been itching to go to the gym considering I haven't been to the gym in....2 weeks maybe? I've been sick and it's pretty hard to do anything at the gym when you can't breathe so hopefully I can kick this cold's ass and make it back to my wonderful gym.

What a strange Wednesday! Hopefully next week will be back to normal eating.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Happy Monday!
That's what I keep telling myself because I'm still sick and getting worse.
Hopefully I can power through the day at work and the gym so I can go home and sleep.
But first I want to brag about my awesome weekend!

Friday night Cody and I went out to dinner at the restaurant he works at because it's just that damn good. I ordered the veggie burger with cheese and bacon (bacon?! Yeah I know) and he ordered the calamari steak sandwich. My favorite part though, besides spending time with him (cue the "Awww" sign), is the tartar sauce at the restaurant. It's amazing with their fries.

I got to spend some time with two adorable kitties this weekend.
Kitty on the left is our cat Ari
Kitty on the right is my friend Ciara's. His name is Sir Arthur Kitty Doyle...whatta name

I also did some gardening finally. I figured I'd do it all on Sunday, but unfortunately Mother Nature decided to start blasting frigid cold air at me and I gave up before I could plant my seeds. I at least got some planting done. I've got a lavender & rosemary plants, a red bell pepper, two beefsteak tomatoes, strawberries, and two calla lilies. I love love love getting my hands in some dirt.

On Sunday Cody and I decided to have our own little picnic at this park near his house. We had watermelon, sparking cider, PB&J sandwiches (classy right?), pretzels, and carrots. Unfortunately we had to abandon the park after barely touching the food before the frigid air I was talking about decided to blast us. We ended up relocating the picnic to the floor of his room and had a fun time watching Big Bang Theory and having a foam dart battle...I won.

On Saturday we went to the farmer's market for the first time. We started out the day with some bagels, I got whole wheat with strawberry cream cheese...sooooo good! Then we headed off to the market. I saw a lot of yummy produce, a toooon of flowers, and lots of other fun shops. I was able to pick up a few things, but we mostly walked around and looked.

 Did you do anything fun for Easter?
Anyone else gardening yet?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trying Something New

Friday I wasn't really stoked on being at work (who is?), but thankfully my boss decided to send my mom and me home early since it was Good Friday and all. Who loves getting let off work early and starting their weekend early? *Waves hand* Me me me!! I did get a delicious lunch at Whole Foods though and I finally tried something new.

Yummy vegetarian pizza with feta cheese. I adore Whole Foods' pizza, it's really really good. Go grab a slice...right now!

I also had this corn saute to add my veggies in. I have a very big love affair with corn so I inhaled ate this whole thing.

The something new I tried. I've seen a lot of people talk about kombucha so I thought I'd give it a try when I was buying lunch. And I will never buy it again. Now before any crazy kombucha enthusiasts go all crazy on me, I don't like fermented drinks. This just didn't work for me, but at least I can say I finally tried it.

Yuuuum! I love pretzels and this are really good without being crazy salty. I'm still munching on them as I type this which surprises me because I expected to not have a crumb left the next day.

After I got off work early I met up with my boyfriend and since it was pretty warm out we decided to go get froyo! The froyo definitely made up for the failed kombucha adventure. I got toasted coconut mixed with cheesecake topped with shredded coconut, peanuts, chocolate chips, and graham crackers. So dang good!
Heaven in a cup!

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Am I the only person who doesn't like kombucha?
Any failed attempts at trying new food?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Don't Be Scared

These past few days I've been sick and haven't been eating the best. Yesterday all I wanted was fries so my wonderful boyfriend went out to McDonald's to get me some fries and food to eat. Thankfully I didn't have a sour stomach because that would have been a horrible combination. At the time I ate the food and was perfectly fine with eating fried food, but later that night I was craving ice cream. I was cold and sniffling so I used that as part of the reason I didn't end up getting it. The other reason was that I had already eaten junk food that day and I couldn't imagine eating more junk food. I was terrified of how many calories and how bad ice cream was for me so I didn't end up getting it.

I've been better at handling my ED, but it still sneaks up on me. The other day I was able to eat 2 dinners and eat chocolate mousse without batting an eye, but I couldn't fathom eating ice cream. I'm doing my best to push through and stop guilting myself about wanting to indulge myself a little bit.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIAW: The Story of 2 Dinners

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I'm just excited this week is almost over, it's been a tough one.
Work was a headache, my poor boyfriend is sick, and I seem to be getting sick as well.
Thankfully it's not raining for once so I'm getting a little sun and maybe, just maybe, will be able to go to our local farmer's market this weekend!

On to What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn @ Peas & Crayons
A bowl of Puffins peanut butter cereal with soy milk (finally got my hands on this stuff again!)
Raspberry Chobani with homemade granola (I promise I'll post the recipe someday ha!)

Roasted chickpeas (recipe coming soon)

Turkey & avocado sandwich
Cinnamon applesauce (I may or may not have inhaled this...)

Dinner part 1:
Annie's whole wheat macaroni with white cheddar
And no I didn't eat the whole plate worth...I'm not a pig

Dinner part 2:
Ha! Just kidding, I am a pig. I had 2 dinners last night..though I promise I didn't eat all of it.
It's good having a boyfriend around to eat whatever you don't finish.
Anyway back to the food

Bangers & mashed potatoes with Guinness gravy
Hot chocolate
Chocolate mousse

It's just so damn good!
Thankfully my wonderful boyfriend was around to finish this
No chocolate mousse should go to waste!

Ha! I haven't been to the gym in like a week. I was going to go this week, but I was just too sick and miserable to get out of bed. Hopefully this weekend I can haul myself over there.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taking Another Crack At It

Well I'm back. I was still on the fence about blogging again, but I got a little encouragement from people to keep writing. Thank you Julie for encouraging me to keep going with it. And thank you Cody for being there for me and reading my blog all the time even though I tell you everything I do anyway. Ha!

It was nice to get a comment from someone else to keep going and it definitely helped sway me to keep going. Even if no one reads this or comments on it I'm going to really try and keep going with this. It makes me happy and that's all that should count right?