Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WIAW: A Healthy Day

Wednesday and you know what that means!

What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn @ Peas&Crayons!!

Pomegranate & Blueberry cereal from TJs
Cottage cheese

PB&J sandwich
Lots and lots of water

Multigrain pita crackers with garlic hummus

Pre-workout Snack:
Cherry Pie Larabar

Chicken breast, brown rice, raw green beans, & more water

Whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
I promise I only had 1 not 3!

I finally made it to the gym as well so I can actually post it!
5 minute warmup on the treadmill at 5.0 speed
Bosuball elbow to knee crunch- 20 each side X 2
Bosuball roll to pop w/ 6# medicine ball- 20 each side X 2
Stability ball scorpion- 15 each side X 2
Stability ball leg raise- 20 X 2
Stability ball elbow plank- alphabet X 2
Crazy Ivans w/ 6# medicine ball- 20 X 2
Russian Twists w/ 6# medicine ball- 20 X 2
Decline situp with bosuball support & 6# med ball- 20 X 2
Decline situp with bosuball & 6# med ball twist- 20 X 2
Oblique twist with 6# med ball- 20 each side X 2

Despite how insane everything looks down on paper I didn't feel like my workout was challenging enough. What I mean by that is I don't really feel a burn like a usually do. I didn't work as hard because I've been still trying to kick this cold to the curb. But realistically it's because I haven't been to the gym in I don't even remember how long and I wasn't as strong as I used to be. I'll be going back more often now.

I'm also really excited because cheer starts next week and I can't wait to start coaching my new team. I spent the day coming up with workouts for my girls and I can guarantee none of them are going to like me after the first day haha!

Any yummy eats this week?
Do you find it hard to start working out after you've taken time off?


  1. Happy WIAW! :)
    These are all yummy eats! I love having a simple PB&J sandwich with a side of carrot sticks. I've never tried the Cherry Pie Larabar but it sounds delish! :)
    Yeah, sometimes I find it hard to get back on track with working out after slacking a bit. But I feel like taking time off from it a bit gives me new motivation (am i making any sense here).

    Have a great week! Have fun coaching your new cheer team!

    1. I understand exactly what you mean :) Definitely try the cherry pie Larabar, it's really yummy!

  2. I definitely feel much less motivated to start working out after any sort of hiatus. I haven't worked out in 4 days now and I TOTALLY don't feel like it. The hardest part is getting started. Haha.

    I wanna try the cherry pie larabar too!

    1. I had to practically force myself to the gym otherwise I would have stayed home again

  3. Mmmm TJ's garlic hummus is one of my all-time favs!

    1. It's my favorite hummus! I could eat a whole container in a sitting haha