Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Impromptu Race

My mom had a training session with her trainer yesterday and I was going to go along and do a legs and arms workout until she was done. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that great and was still pretty sore from my first day back after a 2 or 3 week (it's been so long I can't remember) hiatus. So instead of working on my muscles I was going to just take it slow on the bike. Well apparently I can't hop on a bike without going super crazy fast so "taking it slow" didn't happen. This guy came in and got on the bike next to me, but I didn't bother looking over--I was too busy rocking out to my music from my iPhone. Whenever I hope on equipment next to someone I tend to sneak a peek once at what the person is doing next to me; I don't want to seem like that creeper staring at everyone in the gym. This guy took a look at the screen of my bike and started peddling, eventually I noticed the guy would start slowing down and then sneak a peek at my screen and quickly start speeding up. I guess we were racing? I have no idea, but I stoically sat there on my bike and tried to not notice the guy racing next to me. I spent 20 something minutes on the bike and then hopped off to go find my mom. Feel proud random bike dude, you won this round.

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