Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Problem with Mondays

It's Tuesday! I actually survived Monday and I was damn sure I wouldn't make it through the day. It was one problem after another and I just couldn't get out of my Monday funk.

The other day I posted about registering for classes for my summer semester. I likened it to preparing for battle....and I lost. Apparently I'm not considered a continuing student because I took some time off of school for financial and other stupid reasons, and thus couldn't register the first day. No problem if my classes weren't so high demand, but 3 hours after registration had opened one of my classes had 3 seats left and I can't register for over a week. Guess who's more than likely not getting summer classes. To top that off I found out I can't register for classes for the fall semester until 2 weeks after registration opens. My classes are all high demand classes...it's going to really be a battle for registration.

I've been getting over the cold that had me down for a couple weeks, but I'd still got the sniffly nose. Unfortunately that meant my nose was on FIRE yesterday and I felt like I had rubbed sandpaper all over my nose. I sincerely looked like Rudolph.
 My boss tried to send me home a couple times to try and save money, but I had to keep reminding her, it's a sniffly nose and I'll live. By the third time I was about ready to say some nasty things to her, but thankfully it was time to leave. I practically danced out of the office and I was given the good news that my boss wouldn't be in today. It's like Christmas!

Thankfully things got better after I left my office, especially when Cody read my mind and had me meet him at his job for dinner. Nothing like some good fries and tartar sauce for dinner...sounds a little weird, I know, but try it, it's delicious. And now that it's Tuesday it seems the bad luck of Monday has passed and I get to enjoy the sunny weather indoors. Whoo!

Any bad Monday stories?

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  1. Yah - dingy remember I work with you and you forgot the moolah that had to go to IRS! BOOOOOO