Monday, March 3, 2014

My New Besties

I've been meaning to talk about this amazing power duo for awhile, but I never seemed to sit down and actually write it. But I couldn't wait any longer to talk about these two women and the amazing community they've created.

I wanted to talk about Karena & Katrina from Tone It Up

They're both personal trainers and best friends. They have a show on Bravo, which I hope runs for a second season, that follows them in their day-to-day lives working out, running Tone It Up, and having lives.
They're amazingly sweet and kooky girls and I just adore them. Everyone does!

They have workouts they post all the time that are fun to do and they started an online community on their website that is amazing. The community is free and it's full of girls supporting each other all the time. I've never read a bad thing on there and if a girl complains about her body, other members quickly jump on and give her encouraging words and boosts. 
I love going on there and posting about my workouts,  my food, or about my troubles and I know I'll have girls there to support me who I've never met across the country & globe.

I highly HIGHLY recommend you look these girls up and jump in!

I was not compensated for this, it's all my own opinions.

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