Friday, March 21, 2014

Fit Friday #3

Can I just say thank god it's Friday?!
Holy cow has it been busy busy busy around here!
I started working more hours at work (yay!) but my schedule hasn't fully adjusted to 1. the stupid time change & 2. having less free time during the day to get my million & one things done.
Unfortunately that meant my exercise got pushed to the back burner while I struggle with getting on top of things again.
However, I did get some workouts in and I've been really trying to make sure I get something done each day. Even if it means just walking around a lot and not sitting at work.

I couldn't get a workout in before work so I made sure I got one in afterwards!
It was a new arm & ab workout I've got in the works, just gotta think of a witty name for it. Ideas?

Michael and I tend to spend our Saturdays on our butts since we both work all week & try to relax. Well it's been nice & warm around here so I decided to take his dog out for a walk on the beach and it was so much fun!
 We went for a 2 mile walk which tired all of us out, but I'm so glad we got out and did something!

I went for my longest straight run to date. As in, ever. I'm so freaking proud of myself. I ran for 25 minutes straight and for someone who hates running, that's a biiiiiig accomplishment!
I did have to watch Toned Up to distract myself and get through, but I did it!

Zumba before work!

I'm also going to be teaching Zumba at my job which is beyond exciting! So I've been practicing dances a lot which is exercise in itself.

How have you kept active? 
Any witty names for an arm and core workout?

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