Friday, March 7, 2014

Fit Friday #1 (Starting Over)

Hey everyone!!
Long time no Fit Friday posts.
I've been lazy. Straight up, I ain't getting off this couch I'm taking a nap lazy.
Week after week I would tell myself "I'll start over on Sunday" and then Sunday would come and I'd do nothing and then get mad at myself for not doing anything.

Well I can't say this week was too different. I did workout this week, but Tuesday came around and I was just exhausted. Not just a little bit tired, but like my eyes wouldn't open no matter how hard I tried. I haven't been sleeping well this week so it wasn't a surprise my body decided to quit on me and demand more rest. And I listened. I didn't beat myself up, I just accepted that this week wasn't going to work and I needed to recuperate.
Instead of just bringing you here for a sob story, I figured I'd give you a killer workout I did on Monday.

For the Russian Twists: Balance on the ball part of the Bosu ball with or without a weight in your hand. Lean back to bring your feet off the floor and twist side to side. To make it difficult, bend your right knee towards your chest and twist to the right, switch legs and switch sides. Think a bicycle crunch on a Bosu.
For the Triple Crunch: Lie on the Bosu, do a middle crunch, one crunch up towards the right side, middle crunch, one crunch up towards left side. That equals one.
Biceps burner: Do 8 dumbbell biceps curl, 8 pulses with arms in 90 degrees, 8 biceps curl.

 How have you been keeping active?

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