Sunday, November 3, 2013

Letting Loose the Nerd in Me

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Mine didn't start out very wonderfully, I had to get some dental work done so as of late I've been surviving off these yummy things
Soft food is my friend until I can start eating really solid food again.
Thankfully I have an awesome boyfriend who takes care of me when I need it. So we ended up spending our day sleeping and watching Star Wars.

Sunday was a much better day. Michael's parents took us to a Star Wars exhibit that is going on in San Jose and lemme just say, it was pretty adorable seeing my 24 year old boyfriend act like a little kid. He was so freaking excited.
They had some familiar props from the movies
And some familiar characters

Michael just about peed himself he was so excited to see Darth Vader
Darth Vader is his all-time favorite character, and I'm pretty sure favorite movie character period.

After we walked around the exhibit we got to wait in this incredibly long line for the Millennium Falcon experience, which turned out to be a 5 minute movie you watched in a replica of the ship. Personally I felt like it wasn't worth the long wait, but it was pretty cool to see.
Us with Michael's sister and her boyfriend in front of the entrance to the ship.

It was pretty awesome to see the props and costumes used during the movies.


  1. I LOVE this! I'm such a nerd, but in a very different way. I've never actually seen a Star Wars moving...I know GASP. I could spend all day staring at an atlas or playing scrabble though!

    1. I didn't actually see any of the Star Wars movies until this year when my boyfriend finally sat me down to see them lol

  2. Hooray for geeks! I took my son to the Star Wars Identities exhibit this summer here in Ottawa and we loooooved it!! Good to know there are people like you guys who share the same passion for this sort of stuff!

    1. My boyfriend is just crazy about Star Wars! It was really awesome to see everything