Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Honest with the Blog

I've been mulling some things in my head for the last few days, a lot of it ideas for blog posts. But I'm always doubting myself about what to write. Even now I'm having a hard time staying focused on writing this post.
I've found that when it comes to blogging, I feel like half the stuff that goes through my mind for blog posts are just downright boring. I worry no one really cares what I think so I never really put anything personal out there. Sure I have pictures of Michael and I and my cat like crazy, but most of you never really know who I am.

I feel like my favorite blogs are ones where I feel like I'm best buddies with the writer. I actually remember things that go on in their lives like I know them in reality. That, to me at least, makes for a great blogger. Here and there I've written a post or two about really personal stuff in my life, but I don't go very much into how I feel about things going on in the world and I think a lot of that has to do with I'm terrified to open myself up for criticism. As it is this blog isn't very popular, I don't get a lot of readers (like barely any) and practically no comments. I worry that by throwing out my opinion on things, people will like my blog even less (is that possible??)

But I've come to the conclusion that this is my blog and I'm not always writing for other people. Plus hey, if people don't like what I say, that means they at least read my post right? ;)

Anywho, this post was mainly putting it out there that I know I'm really only ever writing about what workouts I did this week or what I ate and I just wanna say, thanks for sticking around. I promise I'll try putting myself out there a little more so you'll actually know who I am rather than some weird blogger who workouts out and eats all the time (not like that isn't me anyway).

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


  1. :) i read all your posts. I don't normally comment on them though. As for getting to know who you are...that would be nice. I know who you used to be. I know the junior high you. It is interesting/entertaining to glimpse how you've grown since then. Just as it is fun to watch my own daughter mature and grow. It's your blog. Be as open or closed as you are comfortable with. <3

  2. Just reading your blog for the first time (via WIAW) and I agree with the other commenter that it is your blog so you should reveal as much as you are comfortable with. As for traffic and comments I find by visiting and commenting on other blogs I increased the traffic and comments to my blog. Also I know a lot of people read my blog but don't comment and that's fine.