Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WIAW: 22 Going on 80

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Fall has decided to poke its head up every once in awhile around here. Some days it's warm (like low 70's) and some days it's pretty chilly where I have to wear leggings and thick fuzzy socks all day. I definitely prefer the latter as we're heading into mid-November and I already have Christmas music playing every now and then (more like every night but who counts?).
Thankfully Monday was a colder day and I even got to stay home with my awesome mama since she had the day off.

Thanks Jenn for the awesome party!

This theme makes me laugh now that I've gotten all my WIAW pictures because I have a few foods in here that are definitely not good habits. Maybe next week?

Plain Malt-O-Meal with a little brown sugar and unsweetened almond milk
I don't know why, but I'm still in this kick of eating Malt-O-Meal every morning. I really gotta work on mixing it up around here.

  Morning "Snack"
Bad habit of the day #1. I didn't record the other candies that I ate throughout the day either. Don't follow my example, eat fruits and veggies

Bean & cheese nachos with sour cream
I decided before I step foot in Whole Foods again I need to start cleaning out what food I have in my kitchen. My side of the fridge is filled with tubs of something that had a spoonful or two eaten and I'm working on finally just eating everything.

Mom and I spent the rest of the day watching Harry Potter movies while I acted like an 80 year old
  2 pots of apple cider in my beautiful little tea cup/pot 
And knitting...I'm only 22 I swear! I'm making Michael a scarf that he'll desperately need while he's out of the state for work so I'm trying to get it finished ASAP

Annie's mac & cheese, smashed potatoes w/ a little sour cream & pepper, and loads of veggies

After I knitted some more I curled into bed to video chat with Michael and then read a book until 9 when I passed out. Am I old or what?

Have a good week everyone!

Anyone else feeling decades older than normal? 

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