Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WIAW: Drinking Green

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I'm still way off, I feel like it's Friday rather than Wednesday. Taking Tuesday and Wednesday off last week really threw me off. A few more days until the weekend though, but today is a party with Jenn!

Matcha made with vanilla almond milk & a little stevia
Green smoothie
Plain Greek yogurt with a bit of berry jam and almond coconut granola

After my morning class of running up and down the football field I was about ready to bite someone's head off, am I the only one who gets uber cranky when you're hungry?

Morning snack:
D'Anjou pear

Unfortunately I got so caught up in chores and homework that I forgot to each lunch, whoopsie! So it was no surprise that I was hungry during my creative writing class in the afternoon. My teacher always brings in some cookies for everyone and I always fall victim to the 3:00 hungry monster and devour more cookies than you should eat. So this time around I was smart enough to pack a snack.

Afternoon snack:
Baby carrots

On Mondays I go straight from creative writing to my chemistry class so I end up eating dinner halfway through my chemistry class.

Brown rice, refried black beans (I'll talk about those later in a post, they're amazing), and a bit of sour cream for creaminess

After class I went over to Michael's and inhaled a little mini pumpkin pie from Whole Foods...I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture haha! I love me some pumpkin pie.

Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday!

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