Friday, October 11, 2013

Fit Friday #17

Happy Friday everyone!!
It's been a busy week with lots of workouts...and maybe a few naps here and there...
So onward to Fit Friday


Finally made it to Zumba class after missing weeks thanks to my foot. Thankfully this time my foot didn't hurt and I had a blast!


In my kinesiology class we had to teach other groups new games or a skill and today two groups were teaching the rest of us some new games. Both games involved a lot of running around so I got some good cardio in.

I had originally put the hill setting up to level 4, but apparently it thought I could do more and maxed out the levels. I was just about to keel over 35 minutes later.

Class #1:
-5 rounds of 30 second step-ups & 30 second wall sits
-We did some core resistance lying on the floor
-5 rounds of 30 second planks & pushups

Class #2: (21 of each, 15 of each, 9 of each)
1: 21-15-9
2: 21-15-9
      -shoulder press w/ 5#
      -TRX body row

Michael and I were just not feeling it this morning and my legs were killing me so we both agreed that a rest day was more important so I wouldn't injury myself

I did the same hill setting as Tuesday, but lowered it down to 30 minutes since Michael and I were on a time crunch

Class 1:
5 rounds
- 1 bear crawl back and forth across the room
- 10 lunges (5 each leg) w/ 5# dumbbell overhead
- 15 squats to overhead press w/ 8# medicine ball
- 7 pushups

Class 2:
12 minutes AMRAP (4 rounds)
-10 lunges (5 each leg) w/ 8# dumbbell
- 5 burpees
-Step ups on a box while my friend did a run (still limited because of my feet)

I sent her this picture later that day for all the burpees we did this week


Check out Muffin Topless' website and join in on the Fall Challenge!

How have you kept active this week?

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