Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WIAW: Normalcy

Lame-o title? Yeah I know, I just couldn't think of anything witty.
Maybe I'll just start doing numbers cause it seems like my witty cap is missing.
Anywho, thanks to Jenn for this awesome linkup as usual!
Tuesday was my first day really getting back to exercising after being sick and I'm not gonna lie, I was down to just stay in bed. But I dragged my butt out of bed and made some food.
Pre-yoga breakfast:
1 egg & 1 egg white scrambled w/ salt and pepper and 2 slices of multigrain toast with butter
After yoga I was freezing my butt off so I had a nice hot cup of chai tea
And a cutie
They're like crack, I swear.

I hauled my butt out of my warm house for a run outside
 Lots of water
Post-run breakfast/my new obsession:
Plain Greek yogurt w/ berry jam
I can't stand plain greek yogurt, but I hated how much sugar and just crap that was in the flavored stuff. So one day I had some leftover jam in my fridge and was like "hey, why not?" and I fell in love with it. This berry preserve I got from Whole Foods is to diiiiie for. It has like 10g of sugar in 1 tablespoon and trust me, you don't even need that much to flavor it.

Before I went to work I had to try this new cereal I heard about from Kammie at Sensual Appeal
Erewhon's Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal with unsweetened almond milk.
This stuff is so much better than Cocoa Krispies. I inhaled the bowl. Sooo soo good!

Snacks at work:
Cheddar bunnies, more water, and 2 more cuties (I told you they're crack!)
Nachos with black beans, sour cream, fire roasted tomatoes, corn, cheese, cheddar cheese, and scallions.
Phew that was a lot. They were delicious though I only ate half the plate! I'm not that much of a pig.

I discovered these little mini almond ice cream sandwiches at Whole Foods and they're delicious and just the perfect size!

It's been quite a long day so I'm off to relax and do yoga, yet again.
Go do some yourself, it feels awesome!

What new things have you tried lately?

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  1. Glad you got in some exercise, it will make you feel better. :-)