Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WIAW: Keeping on Track

Happy Wednesday everyone!
How's your New Year's resolutions coming?
I've been doing really well with mine and have been exploring some new vegetarian meals with Michael.
Unfortunately they were all on days that I didn't photograph and so you get the lazy day where I didn't cook anything, ha!

Thanks to Jenn for this rockin' party!
This is all from Monday.

I started out the morning with a quick yoga session with my mom which really brightens up the beginning of the day.
A glass of lemon water to kickstart my day.
Breakfast: Strawberry Greek yogurt with granola
Pre-workout snack: Energy balls that I posted about ages ago and never gave the recipe. How mean of me! It'll be coming soon, promise!
And lots of water!

After Zumba I was about ready to gnaw my arm off (just kidding!)
Lunch: leftover whole wheat pasta with garlic, peas, carrots, and parm cheese & a slice of garlic bread that Michael makes which is aaaaaamazing
Snack: a juicy clementine. I love these little guys!
Because Michael and I were both exhausted from our days we elected to skip making dinner and go to Whole Foods for a burrito
Dinner: bean, cheese, sour cream, and guac on a whole wheat tortilla. Unfortunately the guac has cilantro in it which I despise so I couldn't eat more than half.
Dessert: fresh strawberries with a sweetened ricotta cream

I've been really good about eating and making sure I'm staying on track.

What is your favorite vegetarian dish?

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  1. I love that you and your mom do yoga together.