Friday, January 11, 2013

Fit Friday #5

Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you're all staying fit and healthy!
This week was the first week back exercising every day and I feel incredible, albeit very sore.

It was my first day running after my who-knows-how-many-weeks hiatus. Surprisingly it wasn't as hard as I was expecting it to be.
Michael and I ran 1.5 minutes, walked 1.5 minutes, ran 3 minutes, walked 3 minutes. The hardest part was how freaking cold it was outside, but at least we got to run along the beach which was gorgeous.
After our run we ran over to the gym so I could go to Zumba.

Instead of doing strength training I went to Zumba because my favorite teacher was subbing that day and since she's leaving for 2 weeks I wanted to get as much Zumba as I could. 

Another run
Usually I try to keep a consistent course I run on, but I ended up just running around my neighborhood until the end.
I opted out of Zumba because I had done so much cardio in the past few days.

Michael and I went to the gym for some strength training early in the morning. I didn't have a set plan for what I would do so I didn't get in a wonderful workout.

I woke up extra early to get to the gym to get a good, long strength training workout in.
10 forward lunges w/ 2 10# kettlebells
10 reverse lunges w/ 2 10# kettlebells
10 squats w/ 25# kettlebell
10 single leg bridges on each leg
10 pushups
24 bicep burners (8 bicep curls, 8 half bicep curls, 8 bicep curls) w/ 10# dumbells
15 shoulder presses w/ 10 # dumbells
After this I quickly ran over to the other part of the gym for yoga. It was really nice to stretch out and watch the stars through the windows, that's how early it was.
After yoga I went home to relax a little longer before heading out for my run.
I just about froze my butt off, thankfully I have this nice puffy running jacket Michael bought me for Christmas.

Today I am so incredibly sore from my workout that I just plan on lazing around and reading fitness magazines.

But let's not forget yoga!
I've been doing yoga every night for about 20 minutes, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. I can feel my flexibility increasing and it just makes me feel incredible.
Of course Link has to do yoga too
The minute I pull out my yoga mat he sits right on it.
I also started doing yoga with my mom in the morning so some days it's been yoga twice a day. Obviously I don't mind.

How have you kept up being active?

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