Friday, January 4, 2013

Fit Fridays #4

Wow, I can't believe the last time I did a Fit Fridays post was November!
Obviously I've been lacking in the workout department and this week was no different sadly.
I tweaked my ankle on Monday so I was left sitting on my butt trying to get it to feel better so there hasn't actually been a workout all week.

Yesterday Michael and I played this dance game on their Xbox with his sister, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Ryan Fortunately/unfortunately there are no pictures to document me getting my groove on, though there were some funny videos of Michael and Ryan dancing, but I will be nice and not show them to the world. So at least I got some movement in now that my ankle is all better.
 Today my favorite Zumba teacher is subbing a class so I'll be dragging my butt to that to at least get some kind of workout in. I love me some dance if you can't tell!

Sunday I start fresh with running and working out again now that I've got nothing to hold me back!

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  1. I go to a Zumba class with my mom. We both love it (not because we're good at it) because it's fun and you don't even feel like you're working out. :)