Friday, January 18, 2013

Fit Fridays #6

It's Friday!
All I can say is thank goodness! I've been exhausted waking up extra early and of course when I do try to get more sleep my cat has to be a little brat and try to scratch EVERYTHING in my room.
Anywho, it's time for Fit Fridays!

Michael and I went hiking and I thoroughly froze my butt off.
  It was a gorgeous 3 mile hike, albeit freezing at 45 degrees. We decided to cut our hike short so we didn't get too cold.

Michael had his first workout with our personal trainer so I did some strength training 
I did a lot of arm exercises and even improved on one of the exercises. I'm finally starting to gain strength back!
Later on I started the next level of the training for my running. I ran 3 minutes, walked 1.5 minutes, ran 5 minutes, walked 2.5 minutes, and repeat. I went for 2.93 miles and was absolutely exhausted. But at least I got it done!
 Though this was me before my run.

I did a legs day at the gym and could barely walk afterwards ha! Always love getting in an excellent workout.
Another run day, this time I ran 3.10 miles. When I was done with my run I walked over to my gym (love living around the corner from it) to meet up with Michael after his personal training appointment. So proud of him!
I've been getting up at 5:30 in the morning so I can get a good workout in before everyone and their mother shows up. Unfortunately there's this one girl there that just gives me this judgmental look out of the corner of her eye while I'm trying to work out. It makes me feel self-conscious while I'm lifting and I just think it's plain rude. Anywho, another strength training day, this time legs.
After strength training Michael and I went to a yoga class and I fell in love with our teacher. She was very sweet and just a wonderful teacher.

I tried to do a full body workout, but my body is aching from the butt kicking I got from yoga. I got a lot of core work done at yoga and was still feeling it that day so I had to cut my workout short to save my muscles.
This week I've been helping my mom out at my old job to catch them up after a former employee left them high and dry. Unfortunately that means I have to dress up for work when all I want to do is stay in my comfy yoga pants.
This describes me perfectly

I've still kept up with yoga every night and it's really helped me feel amazing. Maria at Life Love Life wrote about her yoga journey and I just thought it was very beautiful and very similar to yoga for me.

So go get your butt moving! Be active and just have fun!

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