Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WIAW: Turkey All Around

It's Wednesday!!
It's always my favorite time to blog because I get to join in on the What I Ate Wednesday parties with Jenn and brag about the delicious food I've eaten.
These are a little chaotic and piecemealed from a few days. I had some yummy food one day that I wanted to share and some from another. But it's all yummy food so you don't mind, yes?

Breakfast on Sunday:
 1/2 plain and 1/2 full fat vanilla honey Greek yogurt with pumpkin flax granola

Dinner on Sunday:
 Mom's homemade turkey noodle soup, biscuits made by moi, and sparkling cider

Michael and I went to the gym for the first time together and I thought I'd treat him with an actual breakfast rather than Greek yogurt which seems to be my staple for breakfast (probably cause I'm laaaaazy)
Breakfast on Monday:
 1 egg and 1 egg white scrambled, sweet potato hash w/ shallots and garlic

Lunch on Monday:
Unpictured  1/2 plain and 1/2 full fat vanilla honey Greek yogurt with pumpkin flax granola
Use your imagination or just look at the picture at the beginning

 After class Michael picked me up from school and took me back to his house for some delicious food.
2nd Lunch/Snack/Let's Not Starve Brittany on Monday:
  Leftover bowtie pasta with garlic cream sauce, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts.

While Michael made dinner, Michael's mom built up a nice warm fire
It's been cold around here and it's gettin' colder so it's definitely a plus to have a warm fire

Dinner on Monday:
 Herb roasted turkey, stuffing, roasted veggies, and cranberry sauce. With a glass of Pinot Grigio.
All made by my rockstar boyfriend.
And what 2nd Thanksgiving isn't complete without dessert?
Dessert on Monday:
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and wasn't feeling so great and mostly cuddled with my kitty and Michael and watching Christmas movies...well he did, I napped.
Cuddle buddies for life!
Michael went out and got me lunch and brought back these delicious cookies I've been dying to try.
Best boyfriend award? Yes.

Poor Link has had this cut under his chin and it looked pretty bad so I took him to the vets to get it checked out. Poor guy is stuck in the Cone of Shame
Poor bebe.

Has anyone else has Thanksgiving Round 2 yet?

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  1. So sorry to hear you've not been feeling too good. Really hope you're on the mend now. Poor kitty too :(
    Your Thanksgiving Round 2 meals looked incredible! And I LOVE that roaring fire. There's nothing like sitting by a real fire, breathing in that beautiful wood-burning smell and listening to the crackling of the logs. Beautiful!