Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tis the Season

Happy Monday everyone!
For once I'm actually not Miss Grumpy Pants about Monday...maybe it's the Christmas stuff I've been doing all weekend. Or maybe it's because I'm almost done with this semester.
Either way this post is about something marvelous

It's Christmas time!!
After stuffing myself with some good (but healthy!) Thanksgiving food I was really looking forward to officially putting up Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music...not that I haven't been doing that for over a week anyway....

Friday Michael and I actually braved the mall so I could get a curtain rod to hang my Christmas lights and then decided to get a few Christmas gifts. Thankfully our mall isn't like other malls where people are smashing into each other trying to get stuff on sale. It was relatively quiet thankfully, I'm not a big people person.
I did this a few times when walking around the mall...poor poor Michael.
After getting a little shopping in my parents, Michael, and I went and got our Christmas tree
We got everything home and decorated the tree and then promptly took a nap while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Think we have enough lights strung around the house?
 Our Christmas tree that I picked because I always pick the best trees
Left to right: Hand knitted stockings by my grandma, nutcrackers, my mom's nativity scene, and a Christmas Breyer horse.
Can you tell our family is very into Western stuff?

On Saturday Michael's family took me to cut down a Christmas tree for the first time.
 Lots of trees
The tree's name is Milky Way
Obligatory couple shot.
 Me, Michael, Michael's stepdad's mother Barbara, Michael's sister Sarah, Michael's stepdad Bill, and Michael's mom Robin.
After cutting down the tree we got some hot chocolate and cider and relaxed until we packed up the tree to head back to Santa Cruz for lunch.
I had such a marvelously fun time and I'm very thankful his family included me.

After we got back home and Michael and I took yet another nap (I swear I get enough sleep at night) we got packed up again for my first hockey game!
Michael's family are HUUUUUGE San Jose Sharks fans, but since the NHL season isn't going on we went up to San Fransisco to see the Bulls play.
I even got to see a couple fights, albeit small ones because the refs kept breaking them up. Lamesauce.
Silly hat, but hey, it kept my head warm. I was freezin
Yummy fake cheese and oversalted pretzels. Gotta indulge
Michael, me, Sarah's boyfriend Ryan, and Sarah.
The game was so much fun!
On our drive home we stopped by Krispy Kreme for some donuts and boy are they delicious right off the line. Yum!
Michael's family was very generous to take me along to all these things and it definitely made my weekend marvelous!

As a side note, I finally started tweeting!
I know, I'm lame, waaay behind in the times.
But over there 
I put up links to my Twitter and Pinterest accounts.
You'll follow me yes?
I even have a nifty little slideshow of my Instagram pictures.
I'm starting to become hip with all this technology stuff...
and let's pretend I didn't just sound like my 61 year old stepdad...

Questions for you:
Have you started decorating for Christmas?
Any fun Christmas traditions?

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty marvelous time with the boys family. HOw could they not welcome you with wide arms? You are too sweet not too :)