Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fit Fridays

Happy Friday everyone!!
Some of the blogs I follow dedicate one day to recap at the fit stuff they've done throughout the week and I thought that would be pretty smart to keep myself accountable.
Eventually I'll make a cute little picture to go along with it.
Now, on to the workouts!

I've been doing a training program to run a 5K (and eventually a 10K) so I alternated between 60 second jog and a 90 second walk for about 20 minutes with a 5 minute warm up walk & 5 minute cool down walk. I'm still getting used to running and I won't lie when I'd be jogging and think "Dear god when will I be able to walk?!"  A few hours later I went to my gym to hop back into my Zumba class I've been missing desperately. I had such a fun time.

I did a legs day at the gym with leg presses, hip abductors, calf raises, and leg curls. I threw in some assisted pull-ups while I waited for some of the machines to open up. Unfortunately for me I did a hard leg day on the day that I have to walk up and down stairs a bunch at planning right there.

That day was crazy hectic with me running everywhere and I wasn't sure if I'd have time for a run, but I woke up earlier just to make sure I'd have time to run. That's some dedication right there. Running was so much easier this time around and I was surprised a couple times when it told me to walk because I thought I could run longer. Whoot whoot! After some errands I made my way over to the gym for some more Zumba.

I was tied to my room doing homework all day so I didn't make it to the gym unfortunately. I did an extra long yoga sequence and worked on some harder poses to at least do something.

It was arms day at the gym so I did assisted chin-ups and dips, lat pull down, chest press, and delt flies. My arms were exhausted, but it was nice to see some more definition finally coming back. Afterwards I headed home so I could head right back out and do my last day of running for the week. It was freezing cold out and my nose was starting to burn, but I got it done. I came home and stretched so my legs wouldn't tighten up, apparently my cat likes yoga too
  I do downward facing dog, he does lying cat
I thankfully got home before the rain started pouring down.

I've been doing at least 15-20 minutes of yoga every night and it feels so great to just take some time to myself and stretch. My flexibility is improving and I'm not sore from my hard workouts.

How do you stay fit?
Any tips for running in the cold?

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