Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fit Fridays #3

Yes yes, I know it's Sunday and not Friday, but let's just pretend it is k?
Okay good.

Another run day. I ran 2.25 miles alternating between jogging for 90 seconds, walking for 90 seconds and jogging for 3 minutes and walking for 3 minutes for 30 minutes. Surprisingly going from 90 seconds to a 3 minute jog felt extremely hard even though it's technically only 30 seconds more.
I was going to go to Zumba, but my instructor wasn't there again so I skipped.
I had homework that I needed to finish before class started so I skipped out on a workout today

Michael came over and we ran the same thing I did on Sunday
  I didn't exactly want to run because it had just been sprinkling before we went out. I was trying to convince Michael to just say screw it, but he's a good influence and ordered encouraged me to get my ass out the door go for a run.
Very cold.
 My Zumba instructor still wasn't there so I didn't go to class again.

I had a personal training appointment and we did A LOT of upper body and core work. By the end I could barely lift my arms up and was beyond exhausted
Turkey Day so I didn't exercise!
All in all it wasn't too bad and Wednesday was definitely an ass kicker. My trainer did say I have gotten stronger which is a big plus for me.

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