Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WIAW: Roadtrip Edition

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone!
It's been awhile since I actually participated I'm jumping back in with eats from last Tuesday and Wednesday since I was traveling to and from Arizona both those days (about 20 hours in a car in 2 days, oy)
Thanks to Jenn for this awesome party!

Michael and I were up bright and early for our loooong drive so we stopped for Starbucks
Tall pumpkin spice soy steamer
It was pretty damn foggy and I was in a skirt anticipating Arizona weather
A little Starbucks berry refresher to give me some caffeine
 Honey & strawberry full-fat Greek yogurt with Bear Naked vanilla almond granola
For a long while this was our view and Michael got to listen to upbeat songs and me singing...and getting his ass kicked with out of state license plates...
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad in whole wheat pitas
It was my first time ever eating quinoa and it was tasty, though I feel a little too vinegar-y
 Afternoon Snacks:
Annie's Cheddar bunnies (I have a serious addiction) and a Pink Lady apple...which I almost forgot to take a picture off, hence the teeth imprints...bad blogger Brittany
Finally made it to Arizona!!
And I finally got to see my best friend after a few years of being apart.

Dinner: went unpictured, but Michael and I found a Safeway and I got some chicken strips with ranch dressing
Dessert: also went unpictured, but I had some Godiva truffles...heaven right there

The drive back was pretty much the same food, minus a Subway sandwich mixed in there and a different dinner, but I won't bore you all with that...though Michael's mom made some amazing cheese enchiladas!
Once we got home I put on a black sweater and cat ears and called it Halloween, exciting right?

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