Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Maybe if I say happy Monday enough it'll actually be happy. Wishful thinking on my part ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and didn't get mowed down by Christmas shoppers while doing your Christmas shopping. I'm dreading Saturday when I'm getting all mine done. My mom and I are going to be those women that power walk through the mall to get everything done. But enough about this upcoming weekend.

Saturday my mom and I started our new workout schedule. I was supposed to do a kickboxing class that morning buuuuuut I was far too lazy to get out of bed at 7 to get there on time. Instead we did a mile walk at a decent time and then went to the gym for weight training and zumba class. Lemme just say that working your upper body and then going to zumba class isn't a smart choice; my shoulders are killing me! Nevertheless, I powered through zumba with aching shoulders and a hurt foot (I'll spare you the gory details of that).
My full workout went like this:
10 x 3 tricep extensions
10 x 3 bicep curls
10 x 3 pec flies
10 x 3 weighted crunches (this machine is beyond awkward)
10 x 3 shoulder presses
10 minutes on the elliptical
1 hour of zumba

See why I ache? I don't remember the weight I used on the different machines so next time I put myself throught the tortue again I'll make sure to remember them.

Sunday I had zumba and more weight training on the schedule, but since I couldn't put a shoe on I decided to sit it out and relax at home. We watched football instead and smelled homemade chicken noodle soup simmering all day long. Yum!

This week is the start of my Christmas baking so once Thursday rolls around I'll start posting about delicious Christmas treats that negate my hardwork in the gym haha.

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