Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Baking Day 1

It's officially the Christmas season in my little world. I started my marathon baking last night and won't be stopping until Sunday. Phew! I've deemed these last days before Christmas the homestretch and boy is it getting craaaazy around here. Tomorrow I have to get ALL of my Christmas shopping done and my mom and I already have a war plan game plan for where we're going and what we're buying. Yes yes, I am that crazy person that shops that weekend before Christmas, hopefully I make it out alive.
Anyway, on to the baking!
Last night I made my delicious fudge and cathedral windows (aka rocky road)

All the ingredients for last night's candy making
The makings of delicious fudge.

I couldn't get any pictures of the finished cathedral windows
because it's still setting in the fridge. I promise I'll
post a picture of it.

Tonight I'm making butternut balls (no snickering)
and shortbread cookies with raspberry and white chocolate. Yum!

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