Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WIAW: Back on the Bandwagon

It's Wednesday!
The first Wednesday of June too!
I love me some summer--delicious produce, beach time, and my birthday!
And since it's a new month Jenn at Peas and Crayons has a new challenge

I've definitely got this one.
Now on to the eats!

Some various breakfast choices:
Whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese
Homemade cranberry pomegranate scone (recipe coming soon)
Cinnamon rolls
Hibiscus cranberry juice

For lunch:
Homemade pasta salad made with TJ's Hummus Salad Dressing
So delicious!

 Random snacks:
June's WIAW theme is about sensible snacking and considering most of my snacks are fruit I think I do pretty damn well
Cantaloupe and cherries
Maple cookies from TJ (holy crap yum)
thinkThin white chocolate bar 
On a quick side note--I tried thinkThin bars recently and I'm not too impressed with them. The texture is a little dense

 Recent dinners:
Baked sweet potato with raw green beans
Lasagna with herb focaccia bread
Amy's mac and cheese (best frozen mac and cheese ever)

And just because I have a big sweet tooth
TJ's vanilla ice cream with p.b. cups and caramel on a cone

I finally went to the gym on my own without having a torture training session. I was going back and forth about going and I kept trying to convince myself of reasons to not go. But when I got home from work I reasoned with myself (I argue with myself a lot, no big) and forced myself to tie my Nikes on and get my butt moving. Once I got to the gym I was completely motivated to get my sweat on. I find getting myself to the gym is the hardest part. Since I have been to the gym in ages I had to lighten the weights up and in some cases less sets. In the end I still could barely lift my arms or legs and that always makes me feel I did a good workout.

I'm happy to be getting back into the swing of things and hopefully keep it up.


  1. I saw those maple cookies at TJs and bypassed them...definitely kicking myself now! ;)

    Oh, and I totally want...no, NEED a cannoli now!!

  2. I've wanted to try those TJ's cookies- you endorse? Also you had me at cannoli...oh yum, yum, yum!Best wishes at the gym- I know how it is!