Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I usually berate myself for not going to the gym like I should be. I mean, hey I pay for the sucker every month, I should probably haul my ass over there. And don't get my wrong, I do love working out, it's the getting to the gym part that I struggle with.
And today I'm really regretting not forcing myself there more often.
My trainer kicked my ass yesterday and my body is definitely feeling it. I can barely lift my legs or arms and my core feels like I got whacked a couple times by a baseball bat. Ouch!
I brought it on myself and I know that. I'd mentally kick myself, but even my body in my head aches.

I wanted to include the workout my trainer put me through, but I was crazy light-headed so I can't remember what he called the exercises, nor how many I did. I was desperate at the time to not pass out so the little details didn't seem to stick. Excuse my strange explanations for some exercises.

  • Assisted weight pull-ups
  • Pushups with your hands on 2 weights & knees on a bosuball
  • Up pushup position with 2 5# dumbells, lift one arm up and twist to the side so you're chest turns the side. Know what I mean?
  • Lunges with two 10# dumbells. Do a bicep curl, press up, down to curl, straighten arms down
  • Bosuball roll to pop with a 6# medicine ball
  • Bosuball elbow to knee crunch
  • Mountain climbers
  • Box steps with two 18# kettlebells
  • Squats with two 12# kettlebells (this was my last exercise and was about to die so we had to cut back from the 25# ones he wanted me to use)
  • Hold two 12# kettlebells in each hand, bring one knee up and swing it back to an arabesque behind and lean forward with weights
This was also all smashed into a 30 minute session. I didn't realize how much I did until I've written it all out. Holy crap.
After the torture training session we sat down to make an appointment for our next session and he lectured me on coming in more often to gain my strength rather than killing myself once a month.
In other words he was telling me this needs to be my new saying

After my crazy workout I hobbled out to my car to rest a bit until I had to drive over to cheer practice. I was definitely exhausted, sweaty, and just plain ready to crawl into bed and call it a day. But no matter what I wanted I had to haul my butt to practice to torture train the girls. They're lucky I'm easier on them than my trainer. Ha!

I'm hoping I can motivate myself enough to get to the gym more often.
And hopefully remember to stretch afterwards so I don't feel like I've been run over by a semi

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  1. Just found your blog! Love it! Your workout sounds like what i did yesterday with my trainer; feeling the effects today i can barely walk!