Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Walks

I was introduced to 23Paws over at Eat Pray Tri and I was excited to brag about my little fluffballs. I mean really, who wouldn't want to gaze adoringly at pictures of my incredibly cute pets?
So here goes!
Lemme do a quick intro of my 3 fluffers
This is Boogie, he's my mom's dog. He's a miniature poodle and my mom adopted him from the shelter last month. Poor guy is 2 years old and spent a majority (I'm talking like 90%) of his life in shelters. He loves jumping on your lap and snuggling. He also loves playing with my little kitten--they're buddies.

This is Link and my little baby. He's 2 months old and freaking cute. He loves perching on my shoulder like a little parrot and running all over my keyboard while I'm trying to do stuff. He squeaks a lot as he hasn't mastered the meow yet. He's super playful and when I need a break I take him over to Cody's to play with his cat.

And finally this is Ari. She's actually Cody's cat, but I'm kind of like her pseudo mom. She's 2 years old and very cuddly. She likes to wake me up at 7 am with face nuzzles and nibbles so I'll feed her. Occasionally we have stepmom/stepdaughter troubles, but we still love to cuddle.

Now intros are over I'll talk about Boogie today. My parents are out of town for the day and I decided to give Boogie a nice long walk. I'm still getting over my soreness from my training session on Tuesday (I'm an idiot and didn't stretch) and didn't want to overdo myself at the gym. I still wanted to get out and do something so I strapped the harness on Boogie and took him on a long walk to hopefully tire the little guy out.
He has troubles with other dogs so when I take him out for a walk I try to find the routes that there aren't many dogs on. We took quite a long walk and even got to walk along the cliffs by my house.
It was a gorgeous day out and Boogie was having the time of his life. Eventually we made it back to our house, but not without running into 4 dogs that we're either pitbull or rottweiler mixes. They weren't too happy to see Boogie and I definitely wasn't too pleased to be snarled at by these big dogs. We made it home safe and sound and Boogie dashed to his water bowl and promptly passed out. I took his little legs on a loooong walk!

Any fun pet stories?


  1. AHHH I love their names! Boogie and Link and Ari. I love that you have stepmom troubles too. I have those with Toby since he was Paul's dog before we got married. The other day Guinness got to do a 5 mile walk when we did a Furry 5k plus two miles to and from the car. He was BEAT after that! HA! Loved your post and THANK you for linking up!! Hope to see you and more from all these cuties next month too!! :)

    1. Thanks for inviting me! I like having a reason to just brag about my pets haha!

  2. Awww what a cute little guy. How awesome that he's found his forever home after such a rough start.

    I love when my dogs act like they've just run a marathon and we've only gone a mile. So dramatic.

    Nice to meet you through the blog hop!