Monday, June 18, 2012

Something New

Today I decided to look at my blog and see what I've been writing about and I've noticed all I've written in ages are What I Ate Wednesdays.
Which is fun, but apparently I don't exist the other 6 days of the week?
I've been super lazy and haven't posted anything else which makes for a very boring blogger.
I'm trying to change it up and talk about something other than what I ate one day a week.

Since I turned 21 last Tuesday my brother came into town on Saturday so we could do a family lunch/boozefest.
When my brother finally showed up we headed out to the restaurant Cody works at for some delicious food and drinks. My brother had a whole menu of drinks for me which thankfully we didn't go through. He took me up to the bar to order one of the drinks and the bartender was super rude about making us any of the drinks my brother wanted. I understand she was running around at a busy bar, but damn, no need to act condescending when we ask about a drink.
So instead of the drink my brother wanted her to make she decided to make something else because she didn't feel like making what we wanted. (See what I mean about rude?)
So Cody, my brother, and I had what's called an Oatmeal Cookie and it was freaking delicious.
We got back to our table and ordered our food and then my brother started ordering the booze. Rather than explain everything in detail, lemme give you a list of everything I drank that afternoon.
  • Oatmeal Cookie shooter
  • 2 shots of Patron Silver
  • 1 Adios Motherf*cker
 The disgusting amount of alcohol consumed.
The blue drink on the right is mine that I refused to drink because the bartender didn't understand how to mix and AMF correctly.

After lunch we headed home and soon after I took a little nap since my cat feels that 6 AM is the perfect time to play on my face. 
Once Cody was off work we went home so I could snack on The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge thingies (nice terminology yes?) and some crackers. Aaaaaaaamazing. So delicious...go eat

Sunday Cody and I went out to breakfast and went out to buy his birthday gift. It was early, but he was super excited to get his own Kindle after playing with the one he bought me for my birthday. Great minds think alike :)
After that we went home to relax until he headed off to work. Relaxing included me curled up in bed watching The Food Network while my cat ran all over me and Cody set up his new Kindle and ignored me for the most part. At least I know the money was well spent.

Hopefully now I'll keep up with blog posts rather than showing you what I eat. I promise I do more than eat!

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