Sunday, June 24, 2012

Children at Heart

I confess, I'm 21 and I still enjoy Disney princess movies
Like I'll gather every princess movie I have and watch them for fun.
I'm not the only one right?

Cody got his paycheck on Friday (gotta love money coming in) and he asked me to check out movie times for Brave for that night. Definite winner right there! I was incredibly excited to go see the movie so I looked up a time and planned out dinner so we could get there ASAP. I was like a little kid wanting to get to the movie as fast as possible, but secretly I wanted to score the two lone seats in the back so I wouldn't be surrounded  by little kids. Once I got off work we headed to my house so I could change and then headed out to this pizza place right next to the theater. I've been dying for fettuccine alfredo, but unfortunately they didn't have fettuccine so I had spaghetti alfredo. No big deal to me, gimme some pasta in creamy sauce and we're good. Once we finished eating we headed over to buy our tickets and stand in line. We may or may not have been the only adults there that didn't have a kid or two attached, but hey, we're kids at heart so that counts.
It was freaking amazing! My all-time favorite Disney movie. It was funny and yet was so touching it made me cry. Cody is already demanding we go see it again. A man after my heart.
 Go see it now!

Saturday I spent a good amount of time taking my mom's dog, Boogie, for a walk. I blogged about it here.

Sunday I started watching How I Met Your Mother since Cody has been finding it on t.v. lately and I've been failing at ignoring it while I'm trying to fall asleep. I love it! Any other How I Met Your Mother fans out there? After dropping Cody off at work I went home to catch up on some chores while trying to fight my cat off the bed so I can make it. I was tempted to just make the bed over him and see what he'd do, but I was afraid for my sheets so I just kept tossing him towards his toys to occupy him. Nothing worked so I made my bed in record time.
Now I'm off to relax and inhale eat some trifle my parents brought home yesterday.

Am I the only adult who has Disney princess marathons?
Anyone else seen Brave yet? What did you think?

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