Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend of Delicious Eats

Who's not excited for the end of the weekend? *raises hand* Me me me!! Not only was I able to relax, but I had some delicious food as well (and some not so delicious).

Some delicious strawberry and toasted coconut fro-yo.
I have no idea how I could eat this considering it's been raining and freezing around here, but hey, gotta feed my sweet tooth!

I practically jumped at these chips when I was at Starbucks because I looooooove sweet potatoes.
Unfortunately these chips weren't up to my expectations.
They say low-sodium and they use sea salt which I've personally found to be saltier so you don't have to use as much...these chips made me feel like I was licking straight salt. Far too salty and I doubt I'd get them again.

Speaking of my sweet tooth, I'm obsessed with this cake. 
Also, the one on the left is mine, the one on the right is my boyfriend's.
I wouldn't eat both....or at least post about it! Kidding...sort of, ha!
Anyway, my super wonderful boyfriend took me out to get cake because I was absolutely dying for this cake.  He's such a sweetie, like this cake! Alright, no more cheesy lines from me tonight.

These two wonderful things were my breakfast this morning.
I went to a bagelry with my boyfriend and got the best "tea" I've ever had in my life and a whole wheat bagel with bacon, cheese, and eggs. If I didn't make amazing homemade bagels I'd go here just to buy their whole wheat bagels. Holy wow they were amazing!
And I got to run into an old high school friend I haven't seen in years which was a wonderful surprise :)

Look what I found at Trader Joe's this weekend?
Pre-made wheat pizza dough....heaven!
What will I do with it? I'll be posting that this weekend.

I've also got a new adventure on the horizon for me. I live near this beautiful state park that's wonderful for hiking and I definitely plan on getting my butt moving once the rain finally lets up around here. If I'm going to go hiking through the forest I need to have the right shoes so I went out and bought these amazingly comfortable hiking shoes.
Normally I would just go out and buy some sneakers from Payless rather than spend $40+ on a pair of hiking shoes. Fortunately my mom was keeping an eye on the ads for me and found these shoes for $20 which are normally priced at $50. 60% off?! Thank you! I snatched these puppies up and can't wait to put them to good use. I'll definitely post about my hikes once I can get out there.

Any good eats from this weekend?
Starting any new adventures?

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