Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is It Worth It?

I'm gonna warn everyone now that this is not going to be a funny or happy post. And it may seem like I'm being an attention-whore, but really, if you can't be an attention-whore on your own blog where can you?

Anyway, I've been thinking really hard about this blog and it really just hit me today that I don't know whether on not I want to continue blogging. Some people read the blog which is nice and all, but absolutely no one comments on anything I say and I have 1 follower (thank you Nichole). That sounds whiney, I know, but bear with me. Imagine if you spent this large amount of effort and time into making this fabulous dinner for people and people eat it, but nobody compliments you or even thanks you. That's how I feel with this blog. Blogging is a lot more than just opening the program and writing down stuff, but I won't get into everything I do for it. And I'm not using this post to make people read this, or follow me, or comment. I'm writing this post to inform everyone why I may not be continuing with this blog.

So this may or may not be my last post, I'm still on the fence.


  1. i think writing down your thoughts for the world to see is a brave thing. i think regardless if people comment or not you should keep it going. i will always be here for you babe. Keep your head up.

  2. Keep writing! Isn't it nice seeing your own posts, your thoughts? :)