Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jelly Arms and Abs of Steel

I keep meaning to write about finally meeting a trainer, but I always forget about it. So, here I am, finally catching you up on my torture training sessions with my trainer.

When you first sign up at my gym you get a free 1/2 hour session with a trainer to help you with your fitness goals (and get coerced to pay to have a trainer every month). I had never used mine and while I do know some stuff to keep myself in shape, I wanted to know more to push myself. Plus I had planned on seeing how much a trainer was anyway so it worked out perfectly. I met with Tony to figure out my fitness goals and get me started with a few exercises. Once I was suitably tired from all that, I signed up to see a personal trainer once a month since we all agreed I could train myself as long as I have someone to help guide me a little bit.

Yesterday was my first full training session with a trainer and I'm proud to say I survived it. When I told the guys my fitness philosophy is to push myself to my limit and then push a little harder, they took that to heart. For half an hour this guy busted my ass with kettlebells, exercise balls, jumping around, and my least favorite, the bosu balance trainer. I was sucking in air like it was going out of style and my arms and legs felt like lead. At one point we were doing a core exercise and I just keeled over backwards on the mat because my core couldn't hold me up anymore. That's how tired I got. My mom was impressed by how well I did and I'm just glad I survived! When I got home though I could barely lift my arms and while, yes it sucked, it felt awesome. I was exhausted and it was because I worked my butt off and I'm damn proud of it.

I meet with my trainer again next week to put together a month long workout plan so I can keep up with everything he taught me, even if most of what I remember is jumping around and praying I didn't faceplant it.

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