Friday, March 16, 2012

No Pain No Gain

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is FINALLY here and I'm beyond relieved!

I've been sore since Wednesday when I had another training session with my personal trainer. I had just gotten over the soreness from the last training session and was prepared to walk around and have him show me the exercises I would do for the month since I'm only (supposed) to see him once a month. Apparently he wanted me to do said exercises and push me to figure out my limit. For example, I would do 12 pec flies with 50 pounds and then he'd decide I needed more weight so I ended up having to another 12 pec flies at 70 pounds. This happened with every. single. exercise. This guy is a sadist brutal, but he really pushes me to want to achieve more. By the time I'd left the gym I was exhausted and dreading the next session that will set up all my core exercises. 30 minutes of core workouts alone, kill me now.

I spent a good amount of time stretching after my workout because I did not want to be as sore as I was last time. Apparently it didn't matter how much I stretched because my body was determined to feel like I got run over by a steamroller. Thankfully this time I can sit up without extreme pain, unfortunately I can't move my arms. I have to walk around awkwardly holding my arms so they don't straighten or lift them very high. I'm doing my best to stretch them out and hopefully I'll be 100% healed by our next session so I can kill myself all over again. Ha!

On another note, I've been handed this wonderful opportunity. The "head" personal trainer at my gym knows I'm currently going to school to be a personal trainer (among other things) and adores my attitude towards fitness and my personality. He really wants me to be a personal trainer there and told me that if I really wanted to I could shadow some of the personal trainers to see if this is what I really want to do. If it is something I really want they're going to train me to be a personal trainer and then give me clients to train. And on top of that they'll help me get certified, how awesome is that! I'm so excited for this opportunity!

Does anyone have some good suggestions for snacks after a workout to help with muscle soreness?
Suggestions on energy bars?
Any exciting news?


  1. People say bananas. I totally need one but they're not yet ripe! :(

    And... ThinkThin bars are all over the place right now!

  2. Thank you! I'll keep an eye out for ThinkThin bars