Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Transformation Tuesday #4

Hi hi everyone!
So I missed a week here on Transformation Tuesday...whoops
Like I said yesterday, pure chaos around here.
So we're back for another round of Transformation Tuesday!

I really haven't been on my game. I've exercised here and there, but otherwise it's been very scarce. Eating hasn't been the best, but I've certainly eaten worse. I've been half trying to convince myself that, because I need to increase my calorie count, can eat dessert to add more. Well, that was a horrible attempt at convincing myself I could overindulge all the time. My stomach was a lot smarter than my head. Anytime I ate some sort of sweet my stomach would hurt and bloat like crazy, which means, no sweets like that for me. Michael and I are starting over this week and really buckling down on exercise and nutrition.
Michael is in the same boat as me, but he's been a lot more diligent about staying away from sweets. If anything, if he has any, he makes sure he has a small amount and I eat the rest.
Outside of Transformation Tuesday I wanted to talk about a new book I just bought, The Everygirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness by Maria Menounos.
Obviously I'm not trying to lose weight, but it's an excellent read and gives me helpful tools I can then tell other people. It's well written and incredibly relatable. I definitely suggest picking it up and taking a read!

We'll check back in next week with an update!
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