Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking on Some New Tasks

Happy Monday my wonderful readers!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I sound like a broken record, but things have been pure chaos around here. This past Tuesday I had to take my poor furbaby (the cat, not Michael) into the vet to get his paw checked out. He was holding his paw really oddly for awhile, and when he started to avoid walking on it I knew it was time to visit the dreaded vet. I was worried it may have been a sprain or a small fracture or something. Turns out he had a bad infection in the skin between his pads and the pads were really inflamed, making it painful to walk on.
Poor guy got stuck in the cone to prevent licking and irritating it further.

Then on Friday my mom texted me that she was in the ER for bad chest pains. So I spent hours with her at the hospital while they tried to figure out what's going on. Thankfully it wasn't a heart attack, but we still don't know what's wrong exactly. She goes in for more tests this week to find out what's causing her pain.

With all that going on, I didn't have time nor the energy to write up this post on a new task I've taken on at work. At our gym we have a nutrition board that changes weekly and my boss passed it to me to take it over for a few weeks.
For last week's topic I chose Breakfast.
In a nutshell I wrote:
  • A breakfast consisting of high fiber, high protein, and complex carbohydrates will you keep you fuller longer which will prevent you from overeating at lunchtime and thus, helps you lose weight
  • Some quick & easy breakfast options include: Overnight oats (I'll post the recipe later today), Greek yogurt with low added sugar granola, and Veggie & Turkey sausage mini frittatas (recipe coming soon)
This week's topic is Lunch
Some of my tips include:
  • Make enough at dinner the night before for leftovers the next day. 
  • If you're going to eat pasta, serve it over a bed of spinach to cut calories & fill you up (got that tip from the lovely Lauren at Lauren Lives Healthy)
  • If you're not a fan of leftovers some easy lunch ideas include: turkey & avo sandwich on whole grain bread, frozen dinners (but watch the sodium!), salad with premade grilled chicken strips
  • Make food at the beginning of the week & keep in the fridge like this Quinoa Salad with Black Beans, Tomatoes, and Corn, zucchini noodles with veggies & pesto (recipe coming soon), or Baked Falafels on a Salad
  • And some good tips on eating on the go: opt for grilled chicken and "hold the fries" and order fruit or a salad as a side
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Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!

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