Friday, March 22, 2013

Fit Fridays #13

Happy Friday everyone!
Oh hey, Friday and it's #13 of Fit Friday! Maybe that explains why I've had a funky week.
Anywho, let's talk about fitness!

1 hour Zumba
Michael has been having some problems coughing while running so we took it easy and walked 1.25 miles along the cliffs.
 It was gorgeous so it wasn't a pain to just walk.

I finally made it to a 6:30 AM yoga class at my gym!
It's been so long and I really loved it.

1 hour of cardio kickboxing. Unlike last week this was so much easier and I wasn't dying 5 minutes in halfway through.

Strength training in class

Morning yoga class at school

I got some bad news in the afternoon so I was going to go for a run to try clear my head, unfortunately that didn't work out so well. I used to be able to run almost 3 miles with no problem, but today I could barely get over a mile before I was hurting and breathing like a maniac. It was really discouraging and I was trying to keep running, but I just kept giving up and I ended my 3.23 mile run/walk disappointed and almost crying.

I wanted to go to the morning yoga class at my gym, but I could not get my eyes to stay open longer than a few seconds to check my phone when Michael would text me. I was just plain exhausted.

Strength training in class

 I didn't do as much since my body was really hurting from my run Tuesday and upper body work on Monday.

Morning yoga class at school which really helped out with how sore my body has been.

Unfortunately I had an anatomy lab exam so I didn't get anything else in in favor of studying.

Have a good weekend and make sure to get moving!

 What have you done this week to get moving?
Has anyone else had a disastrous run and just given up?

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