Friday, March 15, 2013

Fit Fridays #12

I'm alive! I promise!
Now on to Fit Fridays!

1 hour of Zumba. If there's anything that can get my butt out of the house to the gym after god knows how long too long of a break, it's Zumba. I have so much fun just dancing and laughing with everyone.

I went to a cardio kickboxing class for this first time at my gym!
I've always loved kickboxing and used to do it a lot at home when I was in high school.
This class kicked my ass. We had sections with weights and I couldn't lift my arms to do any of it. I was just so exhausted, but I had a great time! Of course now I'm sore from it and can barely walk, must stretch and replenish afterwards! Lesson learned.

Strength training at school
All upper body was w/ 10# dumbell
2x12 overhead press
2x12 arm curls
2x12 incline chest press
2x12 standing cable rows w/ 50#
2x12 single leg deadlifts w/ 10# dumbell
2x12 squats w/ 8 kg kettlebell
(For some odd reason all our kettlebells are in kilograms...but everything else is pounds. Makes no sense)
2-45 second planks
2-30 second side planks
2x12 "bird-dogs"
2x45 second glute bridges
2x12 crunches
2x12 leg raises (which my teacher terms leg lowers)

Morning yoga class at school.
We practiced headstands today which was exciting. Unfortunately because my sinuses haven't quite gotten over the plague I had, I couldn't hold the prep pose very long without feeling like my face was going to explode.

Later after my anatomy class Michael and I took his dog, Jasmine, out for a walk along the beach.
 She was so happy!
It was really pretty out, but I was really cold from the breeze and my stomach wasn't feeling well so we had to cut the walk short at a mile.

I had my fitness class at school, but my stomach has been cramping like crazy lately that I left after the midterm to rest.
No fitness today :(

Morning yoga sesh at school
and that's about it. I had anatomy lecture and lab which doesn't get me out until about 5:30 so I didn't have time for anything besides homework.

I'm hoping I might be able to fit a run/walk somewhere in between anatomy and nutrition homework and cleaning the house.

I've been down with the flu/plague for the last few weeks so working out was out of the question until I was better. Unfortunately I got some kind of stomach thing on Monday so my workouts slowly dwindled throughout the week. Next week I plan on coming back strong and working out as much as I can.
Have a great (and fit) weekend!

What workouts have you done this week?

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  1. Ugh stomach bugs are the worst! Don't worry it happens, in a way its almost nice to enjoy the rest you get to give your body when you're sick!