Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fit Fridays #14

I am alive, I promise!! School has been crazy hectic and it's next to impossible to squeeze in sitting down for a blog post between sleeping and homework.
I couldn't even get this post out on time, so let's pretend it's Friday.

 I really got some good workouts in this week which I'm still feeling.

Michael and I actually made it to the 6:30 AM yoga class at our gym, and it was just our luck that our teacher didn't wake up for class so we had a no-show and just headed home.
I did run back later for Cardio Kickboxing which I had a little bit of a hard time with. My heart rate was getting so high that I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy so I promptly stopped whatever I was doing until it went away and then proceeded to do the rest of the exercises with less intensity.
Because I had worked my arms so much in class I focused on legs mostly in class...which I forgot to record. Whoops!!

Today was my first day with my actual Gyrokinesis teacher at my school. Call me a yoga snob or whatever but I don't feel Gyrokinesis is yoga. I'm not enjoying it that much and especially don't enjoy that there isn't any music.

I made it to a 5:30 am workout at my gym!! It's like climbing Mount Everest. I did Muffin Topless' Leg Demolition workout. She's not kidding when she says leg demolition, I can barely walk still. My legs are so incredibly sore and while I whine and complain (poor Michael has to hear it) I feel amazing!
Our yoga instructor showed up for class today and thankfully we didn't do 30 bagillion sets of Warrior poses. I would have probably fallen over.
And since my legs were beyond exhausted at this point I focused all on my upper body in class today...and forgot to write out what I did.

Second day of Gyrokinesis and I'm still not a fan. It was incredibly boring and just straight up does not feel like yoga at all. I consider it more like chair dancing than it doesn't help that my teacher is a bitch an unpleasant person.

I had another Muffin Topless workout planned, but I can still barely walk so I decided to rest rather than tax my body more than it already is.

Phew! I did a lot this week and I plan on getting even more done this upcoming week!
Make sure you get out there and move over the weekend!
I'll do my best to catch up on my long list of blog posts ASAP!

Have you tried Gyrokinesis? What were your thoughts?
How have you gotten moving?

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